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The Simpsons Sector opened in January 2006, though the official launch was not until a redesign on March 10th 2006. The Simpsons Sector used to be a site called Planet Express. When an error caused some areas on the home page to become un-editable, I moved a lot of the content here.
This site opened in late September/early October 2005. It was originally called The Simpsons Site! but was later changed to A Tale of Two Springfields, before finally finally being named Planet Express. A lot of the content was stolen, and I used only three designs the entire time I had the site. All of them were crappy Tripod templates. When the error with the homepage occured, I moved a lot of the content to my new site, right here.
The Simpsons Sector
Like mentioned above, The Simpsons Sector was opened in January 2006 (but wasn't launched until March 10). Like Planet Express, this site had mostly stolen content. I was unaware that this was a major concern until I posted a link to the site at the No Homers Club. When I was told that it wasn't OK to steal content, and therefore other people's bandwidth, I tried hard to come up with my own ideas. Like with PE, I used the Tripod template designs. In late May 2006, I finally decided to delete almost everything of the site, come up with a design on my own, and finally have my own content. And this is the result. I hope you're not dissappointed.

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