Season 24


International Ralph Week
After an accident which causes Homer to be impaled on hundreds of rusty springs, the Simpsons are taken on a tropical vacation with the Wiggums. While there, Ralph has trouble fitting in, and soon becomes a God for an ancient tribe on the island. The two families notice Ralph is missing, and when Bart finds him at the tribe's temple, the natives think Bart is the devil, and chase him and Ralph away. On the plane trip home, Ralph looks out the window and sees a huge stone mural the tribe had made of him.
Lisa, Can You Be My New Marjorie?
Marge leaves Homer after yet another argument. Homer suddenly feels lonely and rejected, and he finds that spending precious bonding time with Lisa and Maggie heals the pain. However, now it's Bart that feels rejected, so him and Milhouse go into the business of lemonade, and they're planning on being the biggest hit of the month, even if it means making a fresh batch of "beeranade". Meanwhile, Homer and his daughters are enjoying a tea party, and unfortunately Homer has become bored with the bonding sessions, when suddenly Marge arrives home.
The Brother End
Homer accidentally makes his children's rooms unfit to live in, so the three siblings must share the sofa. Lisa thinks that Bart is lying when he says she has a problem with snoring, but after planting a video camera over night, Lisa is shocked that  Bart was actually telling the truth. Lisa forces herself to stay awake most of the night so that her family doesn't have to suffer being kept awake themselves because of her, but luckily just as her school grades start to slip thanks to fatigue, her room is declared fit for life again.
Treehouse Of Horror XXIII
In "The Bart Of A Billion Figures" Bart is given a mysterious carpet, which suddenly transports him into a universe where everyone acts just like him. Next, Springfield is taken over, not by outer space aliens, but by a race of giant talking mutants, in "Little Town In The Big People". Finally, in "Couch Me If You Can", the Simpsons couch suddenly gets a mind of it's own, and in it's homicidal state, chases the Simpsons around Springfield.
I Just Want My Girl
It's family friday at the Simpsons. The family decides to play charades, but unfortunately a fight breaks out between Lisa and Marge. Lisa storms off to her room, saying that she hates her mother. Meanwhile, Bart and Homer buy a used boat. They try to cheer Lisa up by taking her for a cruise, but the boat starts sinking. Marge hears what has happened so she races to the harbour and save them just in time. Lisa realizes Marge does care about her, and they apologise to each other.
My Life, Thee Buddhist
Lisa Simpson is known as a second grade saxophone wizz. But what if she wanted everyone to know the truth behind the eight-year-old with a new faith? Lisa barricades herself in the basement, and vows to complete the greatest autobiography of all time before she comes out. Also, Marge's last pearl necklace breaks, and because it is the last one, Marge must hunt one down.
The Million Dollar Affair
The Simpsons suddenly recieve a shocking call one day: they have been invited to visit Homer's half-brother Herb. After inventing the baby translator, Herb has become incredibly rich again. What the Simpsons don't know about Herb is that the whole trip to his mansion was just a test to see if they were worthy of his inheritance if something happened to him. The Simpsons find out about the 'test', and after Herb says he's decided that they will inhrit his money, Marge declines, saying that they don't need money when they have each other, much to Homer's disgust.
White Haze and Black Days
A water crisis has begun. The country is desperate for more water, so Professor Frink builds a rocket that he believes will cause rain to fall. Instead, the rocket blasts harmful chemicals into the ozone layer, causing another massive hole. The heat causes a thick smog to permanantly cover the town, so the townspeople flee to the sewers and basements. Eventually, Frink, with the help of Lisa, builds another rocket that blasts the hole to the Arctic. Although the polar ice caps are now melting, the people of Springfield are grateful that they can return outside, just as the tide swamps the Simpsons house.
A Wedding Of Woes
Ms. Krabappel has finally found a new love...with Moe. But the barkeep has no plans of giving up his romantic fantasy of Marge, even if he doesn't want to break Edna's heart at the same time. What Moe isn't prepared for, however, is that Edna suddenly starts making plans for their wedding!
Sitcom Simpsons (Days of Our Wives) 
Lisa has planned a tea-party with her friends, and when the day comes, Marge lets her set up everything she needs in the kitchen. So the tea party begins, but Marge realizes how hard it is to do her house work because the kitchen is so cluttered. In the end, she ruins Lisa's whole day, and the little girl runs to her room, devastated. Marge is desperate to reconcile with her daughter, and at first it seems that bribery is the only way.
Chri$tma$ Of Expen$e
It's Christmas time again in Springfield, but it seems to *bad* to be true when Mr. Burns declares to Smithers that he will be having Christmas dinner at an employee's home. Luckily, he chooses Lenny's, and not the Simpson's, but unfortunately the Simpsons, Carl, Charlie and others are also invited to Lenny's. None of the guests can take it when Mr. Burns starts criticising Lenny's 'primitive' lifestyle, and in the end throw the old man out into the snow. Later, filled with regret, the Simpsons, Lenny, Carl, and Charlie all go to Mr. Burns' mansion to apologise, but are chased away by his hounds. Mr. Burns has had his revenge. 
Little One Of Them All
Maggie Simpson: the youngest one of the family (behind baby Lyng Bouvier), suddenly shunned from her family just for misbehaving. If only they knew baby Gerald had accidentally got in their house, bent on revenge. So Maggie leaves, and starts wandering around Springfield. Marge realizes Maggie is missing, and goes on a town-wide search for her.
No One Gets Over The Subway
Springfield is in the middle of a transport crisis: there are not enough buses or taxis in the city, but everyone is too lazy to walk. So, they demolish the old monorail network, which has been rotting away since Lyle Lanley bolted, and turn it into a new underground subway. Everyone except Lisa is enthralled by their new transport system, because she is disgusted at how much pollution is produced. Springfield cannot afford the state of the art electric trains, so they run off coal and oil instead. She starts a campaign with other environmentalists, and Mayor Quimby ends up changing it to an electric, automatically driven subway instead, because Lisa's campaign raised enough money.
Bart Just Wants To Have Fun
Homer wakes up one morning, only to discover it is April Fools Day, and that Bart has made him look quite the fool. The whole town of Springfield becomes a target of Bart's, and almost every street is unable to stay unscathed. Suddenly, a mob forms, and goes in hunt of Bart, and they discover him at the Kwik-E-Mart, swapping price tags on products. The mob follows his path of destruction right around Springfield, and just as they corner him Homer gives them a touching speech about how they acted as kids. They leave, aplogising to Bart as they go.

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