Futurama #19 Review



Futurama Comics #19
"Fry is caught in the midst of interplanetary war, Leela has angered the gods in Ancient Greece, Bender is on trial in Salem, Mss., and the Planet Express crew along with Earth's entire population have been transported back to the Age of Dinosaurs. Will the world ever get back to normal, or is everyone totally boned?"
"The Time Bender Trilogy - Part 3"
Script: Ian Boothby Pencils: John Delaney Inks: Phyllis Novin Colours: Joey Mason Letters: Karen Bates
After finding themselves in different times and locations back in issue #18, Fry, Leela, and Bender have to find their own ways to get back to the future. Fry, who's fighting in Worlds War One survives a mission in which he was imprisoned in a camp on Omicron Persei 8. He wins an award for saving the world. At the ceremony, he accidentally leans against an ice statue, which falls over and smashes, revealing Leela inside. She tells Fry that she made the gods angry, so they sent a rocket to blow up the North Pole and cause the sea level to rise. She held onto the rocket and made it go off course, but fell into the ocean and was frozen in a block of ice that was frozen to make the sculpture. Suddenly, Bender walks in, and Fry and Leela ask what he'd been doing for the last 300 or so years. He told them he led robots into the "Industrial Revolution". Suddenly, their separate parts of a time machine vibrate, and lead them to a museum where a fossil of the Professor is a main exhibit. They get the final piece of the machine from his pocket, and go back to the dinosaur age to save the world. Unfortunately, Fry and the Professor are swallowed whole by a dinosaur, and have to spend the next few days in a very awkward position.
My opinion
I liked this trilogy, and the last chapter of it was no exception. The art, by John Delaney, was excellent for once, and the storytelling was great too. The only major problem I found with the story was the fact that throughout the trilogy, they couldn't decide to either spell the planet Omicrom or Omicron. The last few pages, leading up to the ending did feel a bit rushed, but the way the entire story was pulled off was great. My favourite line of the story came near the end, where Leela says "It's nice to see New New York again. I'm so glad the Professor was able to use the time machine to go back in time to stop himself from inventing the time machine in the first place." To which Cubert replies: "I've made a list of all the ways that makes no sense!" Congratulations to Ian Boothby, John Delaney, and everybody else at Bongo for pulling off such an amazing trilogy. You should be proud of yourselves.

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