Simpsons #115 Review



Simpsons Comics #115

"Krusty the Clown and Ned Flanders take center stage this month in two separate but equally funny stories. First, Krusty quits show biz for health reasons and ends up working at of all places…the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant! Then, Ned Flanders enters a Hitchcockian web of intrigue and suffers a bout of vertigo-areeno when he becomes obsessed with a woman who is a dead ringer for his dearly departed wife, Maude!"

Clown Therapy
Chuck Dixon Pencils: Phil Ortiz Inks: Mike DeCarlo Colours: Art Villanueva Letters: Karen Bates

Krusty has a nervous breakdown on a live set, and he is taken to court for swearing on television. The judge makes him go to anger management sessions. She tells Krusty that he has to get a job where he doesn't laugh, otherwise it could bring on another breakdown. He starts working at the power plant. Homer accidentally causes a meltdown, and Krusty is the only one who can stop people from panicking, by making jokes.

Chuck Dixon Pencils: Jason Ho Inks: Mike Rote Colours: Art Villanueva Letters: Karen Bates

Ned Flanders takes Rod and Todd to a smoothie store. He spots a lady driving a car that looks exactly like Maude. With the help of Homer, he tries to meet the lady, because he believes it's a sign from God. They follow her to the Buy More, where Ned witnesses the lookalike shoplift. He's about to save her from security when Moe arrives in a car and helps her get away.

My opinion

I really enjoyed this issue. The first story, "Clown Therapy" was good and fun. The art was off in a few places, but the story was funny, especially Homer quickly escaping from the plant after he causes the meltdown, and Krusty's anger management supervisor. ("Do you have any insurance?" "I don't have insurance." "Good news! You're cured!"). Personally I enjoyed "Vertigo-areena" a lot more. It had some more classic Homer lines, like with the whipped cream ("As soon as I make a pompadour"), as well as some of the references. Ned passes out in a carpet store, and when Rod and Todd lead him out he sees a sign saying "Shag Carpets", to which he replies "Do they have to use sex to sell EVERYTHING?", and then at the smoothie hut where he nearly passes out in front of a psychadelic wall, where Otto comes out of a store called "Bongs Away", and he says "Whoa, bad trip!". I hope the next few issues to come can be as enjoyable as this.

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