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Simpsons Comics #115
(Clown Therapy / Vertigo-a-reeno)
Krusty the Clown and Ned Flanders take center stage this month in two separate but equally funny stories. First, Krusty quits show biz for health reasons and ends up working at of all places…the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant! Then, Ned Flanders enters a Hitchcockian web of intrigue and suffers a bout of vertigo-areeno when he becomes obsessed with a woman who is a dead ringer for his dearly departed wife, Maude!
Simpsons Comics #98
(The Return of Xt'tapalatakettle)
The Simpsons have had that Olmec Indian head in their basement ever since Mr. Burns gave it to them as thanks for Bart's life-giving blood transfusion. But the tale of Xt'tapalatakettle is far from over. This ancient god has a score to settle and a destiny to fulfill, and it all depends on Bart Simpson.
Simpsons Comics #73
Bart meets a reclusive B-movie director whose horror, science fiction, and Radioactive Man collection is the envy of every hobbyist in Springfield. When the director announces a contest to give away his massive collection, every geek, nerd, and dweeb in town will do anything to win...including Bart Simpson.
Simpsons Comics #49
(Maggie Come Home)
Lisa joins a baysitters union. One day, she must look after Maggie even though she is already babysitting another young girl. A union represntative thinks that Maggie is the actual girl Lisa is supposed to babysit, and in a bizarre twist of fate, Maggie is soon on a journey around Springfield. Lisa, with the help of Marge, must help find Maggie.
Simpsons Comics #39
(Sense and Censorability)
Homer is forced to help Bart complete a history assignment. Unfortunately, he purchases obscene material as research, and soon he, along with Comic Book Guy, are held on trial. Bart and Lisa don't want their father to go to prison, so they hatch a quick plan upon discovering both Homer and Comic Book Guy must appear before a jury of their peers: comic book nerds.
Simpsons Comics #19
(Don't Cry For Me, Jebediah!)
Bart is down in the dumps: he has to write an essay about a famous person. All would be fine if that person wasn't Jebediah Springfield; the one person everyone already knows everything about. Wanting to get a new angle on the beloved town founder, he causes the biggest hoax in Springfield's history. Yes, he makes the statue of Jebediah Springfield cry.
Simpsons Comics #6
After a school talent show turns into a riot, a depressed Lisa decides to give up her saxophone. Before she sells it to the music store, she records one last song. Unfortunately, her song is then combined with a new track by Otto and his band. Otto's song becomes a hit, but one night when the audience boos him at a concert, Lisa steps in and becomes the band's saxophone player. Lisa soon realizes she was happier not being rich and famous, and gives up her position in the band.

Simpsons Comics #103
Marge Simpson becomes the most popular person in town when Channel 6 news adopts her eternally optimistic worldview. But Kent Brockman is none too happy when Marge becomes the new "Anchormom"!


Simpsons Comics #78
(The Buck Stops Everywhere)
Experience the world of Springfield in the form of a five-dollar bill as it changes many hands and many lives. It is a tale of hard work, dumb luck, instaiable greed, and time travel, as one five spot changes the course of human events.
Simpsons Comics #58
(Mayor Me A Little)
Mayor Quimby promises he will outlaw beer on Sundays if he is re-elected. Homer can't stand the thought of losing his precious beer, even if it is for a day, so he runs for Mayor against Quimby. With the help of Lisa as his campaign manager, Homer's favouritism soars. When the election occurs, it is a tie, but Homer gives the elction to Quimby if he promises to let him drink beer on Sundays, and if he saves a duck pond from destruction, as a thanks to Lisa.


Simpsons Comics #43
(Journey To The Cellar of the Kwik-E-Mart)
In a special tale, Bart, Lisa, Milhouse, and Martin go on a journey through the cellar of the Kwik-E-Mart, in search of the mysterious Brain Freeze Steve. What will they find lurking in the shadows? Does Brain Freeze Steve exist, or is he just another legend thought up by parents to stifle the popularity of a frozen drink?
Simpsons Comics #30
Unhappy with the productivity of his current employees, Mr. Burns decides to lay them off and replace them with 300 clones of Waylon Smithers. Things go from bad to worse as the Smithers clones turn on each other, and caught in the middle of it all is Bart Simpson, who is trapped inside the power plant. All the former employees of the plant must work together to help fight the clones, as well as trying to get Bart back safe and sound.
Simpsons Comics #10
(Fan-Tasty Island)
The Simpsons go on a vacation to a tropical island resort. While there, they are unaware that they are in fact guinea pigs, and that Mr. Burns expects them to smuggle an illegal substance back to the United States. But what will the Simpsons do on their trip that is filled with mystery, intrigue, and Mr. Teeny creamies?

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