Simpsons Comics Belly Buster


Released February 3rd 2004
Includes Simpsons Comics #49, #51, #53-56 (176 pages)
Maggie Come Home - Lisa joins the Springfield babysitters union. While babysitting both a registered child and Maggie, a person arrives for a surprise inspection, whereupon Lisa tells her Maggie is the child she's meant to be looking after. Soon, when a limo driver comes to pick the baby up, he takes Maggie. Lisa goes to babysitter HQ to get Maggie, but she is then banned. Marge joins the union, but luckily she finds Maggie just before her initiation.
Lisa Simpson, Storeroom Raider! - Ralph and Janey don't return from the storeroom, so Lisa is sent to get some chalk. When she's in the store, she is pulled down a hole in the floor, where she finds Ralph and Janey being taught by a race of mutant teachers.
Bart and Homer and Marge and Lisa and Maggie (To A Lesser Extent) vs. Thanksgiving! - It looks like Thanksgiving will be ruined -- Homer is at Moe's, Marge has to find a turkey, Bart's waiting in line at a toy store, and Lisa and Grampa are gambling! Luckily, everyne's individual disaster's work together to make it one of their best Thanksgivings.
What Would Possibly Happen If...Cletus Went To College? - Springfield University desperately needs money, so they let normal uneducated people, like Cletus, into their campus. It looks like their plan will fail, and that the university will go bankrupt, until Cletus gives them the idea of in-class advertising.
The Beer Boys - Moe needs an operation to remove gall stones, so he leaves Lenny, Carl, Homer and Barney in charge of the bar. When he returns, his regulars decide to open their own bar, called The Beer Boys. Business booms, and it looks like Moe's is about to go bankrupt. Moe bribes Lenny, Carl, and Barney back to his bar, and in the end, Homer decides he'd rather have his friends and beer over a booming business with no friends at all.
Around Town With Ned Flanders - Ned, with Rod and Todd, give us a tour of Springfield. Snake suddenly hijacks their car after robbing the Kwik-E-Mart. Then, the police start chasing them, causing a crash.
Fork It Over - Nelson thinks that Bart stole his french fries, but Bart denies it, saying he is sitting over three feet away, so there's no way he could. Milhouse suddenly appears and shows Martin Bart's new fork -- which can extend to three feet. Nelson beats up Bart and throws him in the dumpster.
Tanks For Nothing - Grampa discovers he is owed years of back taxes, but decides to trade all his owed money in for an army tank. Homer drives it to work one day, and Ari Amadopoulis, courtesy of a spy camera, thinks Mr. Burns has broken a treaty they made years before. They start a nuclear war and drag their towns with them, until they finally settle for a truce.
Homer vs. The Wallpaper - Homer is told to hang wallpaper in Maggie's room. It all goes wrong, however, and he is hospitalised numerous times. In the end, he caves in and hires a drifter to do his work for him.
Picture Perfect - The school is holding an art show, and Lisa hopes to win. Meanwhile, Bart is terrorizing the town by spray painting an alien image everywhere. Back at the school, Lisa realizes that someone has painted on her picture. When she wins first place, Bart says he deserves the prize because he's the one that jazzed it up. Everyone in town then chases him away.
Siege On Evergreen Terrace - While Ned Flanders is away, some people go to install his new pool. They mistake the Simpson's house for Ned's, so Homer tricks them into giving his family a free pool. When the pool company discovers what happened, a siege begins, in where it's Chuck Bly the Pool Guy vs. Homer Simpson and Springfield.
Duff Daddy! - Duff Breweries need a new ad to get their sales higher, so they make one in which Barney continuously tries to steal Homer's Duff Beer.
Blind Luck - Ned Flanders stars in a special game show where he is given a blind date. His date, Jasmine, lives on the streets. The evening doesn't go to well, especially when Jasmine reveals she is still actually married, just as Ned walks into her husband.
The Yes-Man Who Would Be King - On a trip to Little Stockholm, Smithers discovers he could be the heir to the thrown of Sweden. Upon hearing this, the townspeople bow down before him. Smithers enjoys the royal life, until he realizes how much he misses Mr. Burns. He reveals to the town that blood tests show he isn't the heir, even though they claim he is.


Book description
This big, bulky, boffo book will have you bemused, boggled, and beside yourself with belly laughs. Join 'Our Favourite Family' as: Lisa joins a babysitter's union only to uncover an insidious plot against the youth of Springfield; Homer 'steals' Ned Flanders's swimming pool, leading to a full-scale siege on Evergreen Terrace; the whole family's Thanksgiving is threatened by Bart's greed, Lisa's protests and Homer's run-in with crazed, butter-fed turkeys; Lisa explores the subterranean catacombs under Springfield Elementary School; Grampa's ownership of a WWII tank hurtles Springfield towards the brink of destruction; Homer and Moe's other regular customers open a rival bar; Maggie gets a bedroom remodel Homer-style; and Mr Burns's loyal lackey, Waylon Smithers, turns out to be the royal ruler . of Sweden.

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