Simpsons Comics Jam-Packed Jamboree


Released April 11th 2006
Includes Simpsons Comics #64-69
Judge Marge - After disciplining Bart at a tv courtroom one day, Marge is given the job as the new television Judge.
Stacey's Busy Day! - A day in the life of Malibu Stacey and Malibu Muffy. Also, see other versions of Stacey and witness her badmouthing Lisa Simpson!
Viva Bart - The Simpsons win a trip to Bosqueverde, a remote tropical country. However, they are shocked to find that this nation is being ravaged by an ongoing civil war.
Beauty School Hellcats - Patty and Selma leave the DMV to go to beauty school, which has been Selma's dream for a long time.
Cruisin' For A Bruisin' - Homer steals Mr. Burns' old yacht and turns it into a love cruiser. On the first voyage, they get lost, and it gets even worse when all the couples start to fight. When pirates arrive, their boat sinks. Luckily they find the pirate is really Captain McCallister in disguise.
So, You Want To Work For Globex, Huh? - Hank Scorpio, manager of Globex Corporation, gives us a tour of his factory, as well as his opinions on his employees, world 'dominashun', and soy pops.
Growing Pains! - A special group that Lisa is a member of is about to run out of money, and they can't think of any ideas to get any more. Meanwhile, Bart accidentally buys 10,000 packs of seeds. Lisa's group holds a special town faire and sells the seeds, raking in enough money for Bart to pay off the bill, with enough left over to save the group.
The Abominable Doctor Collosus - Dr. Collosus is freed from prison. He tries numerous times to cause terror in Springfield, but is unable to, because he is instead ridiculed by those around him.
Merchants of Vengeance! - Apu, Ned, and Comic Book Guy are fed up that the police haven't been able to bust crime in their stores, so they form a vigilante group and take the law into their own hands.
Crime Family Practice - Dr. Nick is hired by the mafia to be their staff physician.
In Burn$ We Tru$t - Mr. Burns decides to join the First Church of Springfield. He fires Reverend Lovejoy and does sermons on his own. Bart and Lisa grow bored, so they make a plan to get Burns out of the Church once and for all.
How Marge Got Her Curtains Back - Marge accidentally destroys her curtains in the garbage disposal system, so she and Homer travel to Ogdenville to find new material. When they arrive, they stumble across a black market system.


Book description
The Simpsons are Slammin' with the newest mamma-jamma of fabulous funnies. It's a wham-bam thank you ma'am of hilarity-a hommina-hommina-hommina of humor. First, Marge takes to the beach and dispenses justice with a firm hand and a plateful of homemade fudge in "Judge Marge." Then, the Simpsons win an all-expenses paid trip to Bosqueverde, a remote Latin American country, only to find themselves in the middle of a military coup in "Viva Bart." And when Homer captains a "Love Boat" of adventure and romance, his passengers will soon be "Cruisin' for a Bruisin'." Add in a "turn of the century" fair, Malibu Stacy, 10,000 packets of irradiated seeds, a very bad case of hayfever, Hank Scorpio, one prodigal son, Dr. Colossus, an epic search for kitchen curtains, and a masked brigade of vengeance seeking shopkeepers, and you have got one gut-bustin', side-splitting, spine-bursting, page-turning collection of Simpsational comedy.

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