Simpsons Fantasies


7G02 Bart The Genius
During the test at school, Bart imagines himself on a train while trying to answer a certain question. He ends up getting mixed up with all the numbers in the problem. He also discovers that Martin is driving his imaginary train.
7G05 Bart The General
After Bart punches Nelson and makes him bleed, Nelson swears revenge. During class, Bart daydreams that Nelson grows into a giant and eats him.
7G11 Life On The Fast Lane
While having brunch with Jacque, Marge passes out and dreams of dancing with him at his apartment. In her dream, she also comments that Jacque has a lot of bowling trophies, to which her instructor replies that they are not for bowling. They are for loving.
7F03 Bart Gets An F
While studying for a test, Bart imagines himself over 200 years in the past, when they constitution is being signed.
7F13 Homer vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment
After church, Homer asks Lisa to watch tv with the family. She realizes she may lose her soul if she watches the stolen cable, especially after she imagines the devil showing up.
During "Bout To Knock The Other Guy Out" Homer daydreams that he gets put in jail for stealing the cable. He ends up going out to Lisa in the front yard, and misses out on the end of the fight.
7F17 Old Money
While trying to find happiness with Bea's money, Abe suddenly imagines that her spirit is sitting next to him on a rollercoaster. He gets some good advice from 'Bea', and decides to use his money on the retirement home.
8F03 Bart The Murderer
When Bart is put on trial for the supposed murder of Principal Skinner, he imagines that he will go to prison, whereupon he will be executed with the electric chair.
9F01 Homer The Heretic
At the beginning of the episode, Homer is dreaming that he is a foetus swimming around his mother's womb. He is then suddenly pulled out by a pair of hands, but he is reluctant to leave.
9F06 New Kid On The Block
When Bart discovers that Laura is dating Jimbo Jones, he imagines that she pulls out his heart and ditches it in a wastepaper basket.
9F20 Marge In Chains
When Marge is sent to prison for 30 days, Bart tells his family of a plan where he dresses up as a woman, and then hits a guard with a crowbar, letting him have access to the cell keys.
1F03 Marge On The Lam
After Marge tells Homer that she won tickets to the Ballet, Homer imagines a bear driving a little car around the big top. He has obviously mistaken it for the circus.
1F08 $pringfield (Or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Legalized Gambling)
Marge asks Homer if he remembers anything from the meeting where gambling was legalized. He insists he does, but in his recollection we see him as a muscly President of the USA, and also Marge has green hair, a blue dress, and multicoloured pearls.
2F06 Homer Badman
Homer tries to convince Marge that all his problems can be sorted out if his family goes to live under the sea. In the end, we get told by Marge that Homer believes that is a good solution very regularly.
3F02 Bart Sells His Soul
After Bart sells his soul to Milhouse, he has a dream where he is in a land where everybody is with their souls. Unfortunately, Bart's soul is with Milhouse. At the end of the episode, Bart dreams that he is finally back with his soul.
3F24 El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer (The Mysterious Voyage of Homer)
After eating the chilli, Homer hallucinates for a lot of the episode. He sees streams turning into snakes, the sun rising and setting with his movements, and a space coyote who claims to be his spirit guide.
4F13 My Sister, My Sitter
Lisa discovers Bart unconscious. When she dials Dr. Hibbert, she has a fantasy in which Dr. Hibbert accuses her of bad babysitting. She then imagines herself being confronted by her parents after the incident.
4F22 The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson
Homer cannot abandon his vehicle in case the parking inspector arrives, but he desperately has to use the bathroom. He sees a bus that says "Flushing Meadows" on the side, and he immediately thinks of a fantasy where he prances around a field spread with toilets.
AABF12 Make Room For Lisa
In the sleep deprivation unit, Lisa imagines herself as her cat, Snowball, and also, among other things, Homer, being yelled at by herself when he won't be quiet at the Ballet.
CABF06 Skinner's Sense of Snow
Homer and Flanders accidentally get their car stuck in the ice. The car fills with toxic gasses, which causes them to pass out. Homer dreams that he is in a Middle East country, where he is fed ranch dressing from a hose.
EABF04 The Strong Arms of the Ma
After buying a lot of items from Rainier Wolfcastle's, Homer imagines everything as a tetris game, in which he stacks the car.
EABF07 I'm Spelling As Fast As I Can
The night after George Plimpton asks Lisa to lose the Spellympics, she dreams about the seven sisters schools, which involved the infamous lesbian kiss scene.
FABF14 Catch 'Em If You Can
We see a segment during the chase scene that parodies the movie "Catch Me If You Can". At the end of the segment, we see it's Homer dreaming while sitting on the toilet seat.
GABF10 Don't Fear The Roofer
While at the highway bar, Homer adds up in his mind what could happen if he took Rays offer of a pitcher of beer. When he thinks it means he'll be President, he accepts.
GABF16 The Girl Who Slept Too Little
After Lisa gets knocked out, she dreams that Bart has become a spider and that Milhouse is a slug. Also, she enters The Land of the Wild Beasts.

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