The Beatles Meet The Simpsons




Ringo Starr

  • 7F18 "Brush With Greatness"; Marge mentions in high school she used to do painting, and that she used to paint pictures of Ringo Starr. She also says she sent him a letter. Later in the episode, we see and hear Ringo writing her back, as well as commenting on a painting she sent to him of himself.

In the episode, this is the letter Ringo writes back to Marge (he also narrates the letter to us while we see him hanging his painting on the wall):

  • Dear Marge. Thanks for the fab painting of Yours Truly. I hung it on me wall. You're quite an artist. In answer to your question, yes, we do have hamburgers and fries in England. But we call French fries "chips". Love, Ringo. P.S. Forgive the lateness of my reply.

George Harrison

  • 9F21 "Homer's Barbershop Quartet"; During Homer's story about the Be Sharps, he mentions that after the Grammy Awards, he meets Beatle George Harrison. He realizes George has a brownie, and upon telling Homer where they are, and having to witness Homer gorging himself, he mentions how great a guy he thinks Homer is. This episode is also packed with Beatles references (see below). Here's the sequence with George guest-starring:

     George: Hello Homer! I'm George Harrison.
     Homer: Oh my God! Oh my God! Where did you get that brownie?
     George: Over there. There's a big pile of them.
     Homer: Runs over to pile and starts gorging himself. Oh man!
     George: Well, what a nice fellow!

  • At the end of the episode, Homer and his old pals from the Be Sharps re-unite on the roof of Moe's Tavern (in a reference to the Beatle's final "rooftop concert"). George arrives in his limousing, looks out the window, replies "it's been done", before putting the window up and driving off.

Paul and Linda McCartney

  • 3F03 "Lisa the Vegetarian"; after Lisa becomes a vegetarian and runs away from home, she meets Paul and Linda McCartney, who give her advice so she can understand her family can still eat meat while she keeps her new lifestyle.

     Apu: Yes.  This is where I come when I need some refuge from the modern world.  Or, when I want to see drive-in movies for free. I know it is not easy to be a vegetarian, Lisa.
     Lisa: That's why I ran away from home.

     Paul: What?  She's leaving home?
     Lisa: Wow!  Paul McCartney!  I read about you in history class. So where's your wife Linda?
     Linda: Right here Lisa. Whenever we're in Springfield we like to hang out in Apu's garden in the shade.
     Paul: We met him in India years ago, during the Maharishi days.
     Apu: Back then I was known as the fifth Beatle.
     Paul: Sure you were, Apu.
     Apu: You know what Lisa?  Paul and Linda are vegetarians too.  In fact, Linda has her own line of vegetarian entrees.
     Lisa: Apu, I'm sure the last thing they want to talk about is...
     Linda: We weren't satisfied with the other vegetarian meals on the market.  You'd be surprised how often you find a big hunk of pork in them.
     Lisa: Euuuwww!
     Paul: Linda and I both feel strongly about animal rights.  In fact, if you play "Maybe I'm Amazed" backwards, you'll hear a recipe for a really ripping lentil soup.
     Lisa: When will all those fools learn that you can be perfectly healthy simply eating vegetables, fruits, grains and cheese.
     Apu: Oh, cheese!
     Lisa: You don't eat cheese, Apu?
     Apu: No I don't eat any food that comes from an animal.
     Lisa: Ohh, then you must think I'm a monster!
     Apu: Yes indeed I do think that.  But, I learned long ago Lisa to tolerate others rather than forcing my beliefs on them.  You know you can influence people without badgering them always. It's like Paul's song, "Live and Let Live".
     Paul: Actually, it was "Live and Let Die".
     Apu: Well, whatever, whatever. it had a good rhythm.
     Lisa: I guess I have been pretty hard on a lot of people.  Especially my dad.  Thank you guys.
     Paul: Lisa, before you go.  Would you like to hear a song?
     Lisa: Wow, that would be great!
     Paul: OK, take it Apu.

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