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EABF11 'Scuse Me While I Miss The Sky
In my opinion, this episode is a bit underrated. A lot of people think it's one of the bad Season 14 episodes. This might open the review up to a lot of criticism, but I think this (along with the heavily disliked Brake My Wife, Please) helps make Season 14 that deal of a bit better.
The story starts when Declan Desmond, a famed documentor, starts filming at Springfield Elementary. He causes Lisa to become upset when he tells her she won't get far in life. To prove him wrong, she tries to become an astronomer. Homer buys her a telescope, but due to light pollution in town, Lisa can't see the stars. She starts a petition, and soon Springfield is forced to turn it's lights down. Meanwhile, back at school, Bart gets upstaged by Nelson right before Declan Desmond's camera crew. To try and get back at Nelson, Bart tries to steal Fat Tony's hood ornament, which he believes will help him get popular again. At the town hall, Mayor Quimby starts to see that the lack of lights at night causes people to start looting, so he turns the lights to perma-noon, causing the town to be bright 24/7. The lights turn up just as Bart's about to steal the hood ornament, so he has to run from the mobsters. Lisa can't believe what has happened, so when everyone starts hallucinating due to being awake all day, her and Bart break into the power plant and cause a power surge. The townspeople become mad at them because now their light is gone, but just before they get to the children, a captivating meteor shower begins. While it distracts everyone in town, Bart quickly gets the hood ornament. The episode ends with the showing of Declan Desmond's documentary on the school.
As seems the standard now, the plot of this episode was reused in the quite bad 24/7th Heaven; a story made in Simpsons Comics #94. Apart from that, this episode is very enjoyable, especially the bird thinking it's a mole, and Marge when hallucinating:
  • She is ironing a phone book, before placing it in a frying pan. She walks around the living room yelling "Live, in New York, it's Saturday night!"

A heavily underrated episode, like I said earlier. Some of the most acclaimed episodes of Season 14 include Three Gays of the Condo, Moe Baby Blues, and Mr. Spritz Goes To Washington. I think throw out the piece of garbage called Mr. Spritz and replace it with this great effort.

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  • Review #1 by [Prefer not to disclose]: this is a very so so episode i think more could have been done with the plot. there where a few good jokes but nothing too spectacalar. Rating: 2/5.
  • Review #2 by [Mike]: Quite A Nice Episode. Rating: 4/5.

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