Million Dollar Abie



Just a quick note before I continue, these new episodes air on my local network about 8 months after they premiere in the US, so I usually know what to expect before I even see a glimpse of it. Anyway, I had my expectations low for this one, mainly because of all the negative feedback and how "the episode was obviously made just so they could use the pun for the title". The episode started off really nice, even if it were a bit predictable (mainly the scene with Grampa being scared by the Football Commissioner after watching "48 Minutes"). The bit that most people seemed to dislike was how disjointed the plot got; especially in the third act, where Grampa became a matador. I didn't find any of it truly horrendous, and overall I thought it was a particularly fun episode. My only complaint would be how long the overall bull massacre at the very end lasted, and also some of the animation in said massacre. Things I liked most (no matter how sick I know this is) included the die-POD, as well as the use of John Lennon's "Nobody Loves You (When You're Down and Out)" over Grampa's loneliness montage (and the aforementioned program "48 Minutes"). Of course I wouldn't give this full marks, mainly due to the animation and plotting points I mentioned above, but I would give it at least a B average.

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