Simpsons Christmas Stories


Another season, another lousy three-part episode...or so we thought. These episodes are usually there for the sake of filling out 22 episodes for a season, and at best they are usually among the most mediocre episodes of their respective seasons. This one started off that way, with placing the Simpsons into a historical setting, and have them play the roles of the historical figures, in this case, it was Marge as Mary and Bart as Jesus. The second story was, overall, my least favourite of the episode. Sure, the first half was fine, but I really disliked it once they had Santa come into it, and it ended really bad. Luckily, the last story made up for the blunder. The songs, the animation, and the plot were really good, and in my opinion, it would have been great if they had just had stretched this story out to be the whole episode, instead of having to endure 14 minutes of hell before this part started. Not as bad as previous trilogy episodes, but it was only saved because the last segment was so good.

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