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I have had two items printed in the pages of Simpson Comics. One was a drawing, while the other one was a picture. I've put them here, plus with a little bit of extra information.
Simpsons Comics #95
This is the issue that featured my drawing. The drawing itself was based on two different Simpsons Comics covers: Bart reading a book was from Simpsons Comics #19 and the book that he is reading is Simpsons Comics #90.
Simpsons Comics #19                    Simpsons Comics #90


I sent this picture to the Australian Simpsons publishers, Otter Press, so it was only printed in the Australian edition in November 2004.
The next item was printed in Simpsons #113. This time I emailed Bongo in the US, and so it was printed in every country that gets Simpsons Comics. However, I got the US edition of this comic, and it's just by chance. I was going to get Simpsons #115 and #114 when I went to the only store that sold US issues (which is 300km away from where I live), but I settled for issue #113 instead of #114, because it had a free poster (yes I'm cheap OK??). Because the book was sealed, I couldn't read it until I got out of the shop, and I remember I flicked through it and suddenly I just said to my parents "Oh, my letters in here". Isn't it weird? No.


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