Radioactive Man

Radioactive Man is one of my favourite titles from Bongo. In 1993, Bongo released a special six-part miniseries of Radioactive Man. In 2001, they started to make Radioactive Man books again, in a second, nine issue series. While Radioactive Man is no longer being printed as it's own regular series, there is always a story featuring him in the new Simpsons Super Spectacular series. In Australia, we could only get Radioactive Man issues if we bought the regular Bart Simpson series, but in late 2004 Otter Press, the Australian Bongo licensees, decided to re-publish them as individual issues.
Radioactive Man #100
“Comic Shop Sequence”
Script: Batton Lash Pencils: Bill Morrison Inks: Steve Steere, Jr. Letters: Chris Ungar Colours: Chris Ungar 

“Anomaly of the Automaton That Ran Amok!”
Script: Batton Lash Pencils: Hilary Barta Inks: Hilary Barta Letters: Chris Ungar Colours: Nathan Kane

Bongo unearths another mighty adventure from its archives - this time from 1963. The mayor of Zenith City digs up a time capsule to celebrate the city’s centennial, only to discover a gigantic robotic cowboy gunning for...Radioactive Man! But where is Radioactive Man when he is needed? Find out as Radioactive Man returns with a vengeance in this new series from your friends at Bongo.

Radioactive Man #222
“No One Gets Over The Underground!”
Script: Batton Lash Pencils: Abel Laxamana Inks: Bob Smith Letters: Chris Ungar Colours: The Teen Color Brigade (Nathan Kane, Karen Bates, Chris Ungar, and Art Villanueva) 

It’s 1972 and Radioactive Man goes underground to battle student activists and civil unrest as Rod Runtledge (aka Fallout Boy) is taken hostage at a nearby university! But has Fallout Boy dropped out, tuned in, grown a social conscience, and joined the cause? Find out in this trippy tribute to the alternative comics of yesteryear. 

Radioactive Man #136
“From Reinmania With Luv, Baby!”
Script: Batton Lash Pencils: Dan DeCarlo Inks: Bob Smith Letters: Chris Ungar Colours: Lee Loughridge 

It’s 1966 and the atomic avenger must battle his way through would-be assassins, frolicsome beach parties, biker gangs, teen crushes and anti-royalist spies to defend a visiting princess. But the nuclear knight and his trusty sidekick, Fallout Boy are about to face the greatest challenge of their crime-fighting careers - Prom Night! Legendary artist Dan DeCarlo joins Batton Lash for a bit of Beach Blanket Bongo!

Radioactive Man #4
“The Amazing Radioactive Spider!”
Script: Batton Lash Pencils: Dan DeCarlo Inks: Bob Smith Letters: Chris Ungar Colours: Nathan Kane

“The Thing In My Head!”
Script: Batton Lash Pencils: Dan DeCarlo Inks: Murphy Anderson Letters: Chris Ungar Colours: Nathan Kane 

“The Beauty Queen From The 21st Century!”
Script: Batton Lash Pencils: Dan DeCarlo Inks: Bob Smith Letters: Karen Bates Colours: Lee Loughridge 

The time is April 1953 and the world’s nuclear knight has fallen victim to his greatest foe - poor sales! But Morty Mann has a surefire way of saving Bongo from bankruptcy court to combine the most popular comics of the day (the ‘horror’ comics) with his most popular superhero Radioactive Man! The result is super-horrific!

Radioactive Man #575
“Don’t Look Now, But It’s 1984!”
Script: Batton Lash Pencils: Dan DeCarlo Inks: Bob Smith Letters: Karen Bates Colours: Art Villanueva and Rick Reese 

It’s January, 1984. Dr. Bix Bentley of the Superior Squad has devised a plan to free Radioactive Man from the lightning bolt imbedded in his brain once and for all. But the best laid plans of Bug Boy and men often go awry, and a new Radioactive Man is born, and believe us when we tell you, this RM is no boy scout! With Zenith in the midst of a media maelstrom over the new Radioactive Man someone has to put it all back together again...Radioactive Man’s alter ego, Claude Kane III! It’s a three-part story arc - told in one big issue with a special cover by fan favourite, Howard Chaykin!

Radioactive Man #106
“The Hallucinations That Weren’t Real” / “Isle of the Irregular Dinosaurs”
Script: Batton Lash Pencils: Dan DeCarlo Inks: Bob Smith Letters: Karen Bates Colours: Jason Latour

Radioactive Man has gone insane! Why else would he be fighting invisible enemies and causing collateral damage throughout Zenith City? Or perhaps it has something to do with Dr. Claude Kane II’s recent invention “Foreverloution”, communists run amok, or the return of one of the atomic avenger’s greatest foes. Be that as it may, this “key” issue in Radioactive Man’s compendium of classic comics has our Man of the Atom battling dinosaurs! Also check out the fantastic fully-painted cover by Bongo’s golden-boy, Bill Morrison.

Radioactive Man #1
“The Origin of Radioactive Man!” / “Dr. Crab’s Commie Comics”
Script: Steve Vance Pencils: Steve Vance Inks: Bill Morrison Letters: Steve Vance Colours: Cindy Vance 

“At last - the greatest superhero of all time gets his own comic book,” says Bart Simpson, noted comic art connoisseur. Now you can own this classic issue straight out of 1952! Gasp at the amazing origin of the irradiated crusader! Witness the historic battle between Radioactive Man and his arch-enemy Dr. Crab! Learn the secrets of the Containment Dome, Radioactive Man’s hidden headquarters! Meet the women who are vying for Radioactive Man’s love! All this plus Commie spies, alien invaders, and much, much more! It’s an epic artefact from the Plutonium Age of Comics!

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