Simpsons Comics A Go-Go


Released in 1999

Includes Simpsons Comics #32-35, #10 (128 pages)

Rhymes and Misdemeanors - Martin's unrequited love for Lisa becomes obvious, but Lisa isn't interested. It leads to a fearsome feud between the two, using their greatest weapon of all: poetry.

The Great Springfield Frink-Out - An accident by Professor Frink leads to everybody in town (except Frink himself) switching places. Milhouse is now the troublemaker, Lisa gets bad grades, Homer is a hitman, Marge is the mayor, and Bart is a quiet one with just his dog, and...um...tv.

Tiger Teen! - Journey back to the 1980's with the official Be-Sharps magazine! Featured is interviews, special features, and upcoming information on Springfield's favourite Barbershop Quartet!

Burnsie on Board - Mr. Burns reveals he had a dream to win Olympic gold...until his dreams were shattered with a severe case of fear of competition. He decides to hold his own winter games, and to go with it he trains Bart to snowboard, so that he can be proud, and so he can have all the glory for training a gold medal winning athlete.

The Simpsons Supporter's Suggestion Spin-Cycle - It's the same story told three times...but with a twist. The original story is modified with 'readers' suggestions, until they all tie together at the end. 

To Live and Diaper In Springfield - Marge decides that since she only has Maggie to essentially care for now, she will open a day care centre. Gerald the mono-browed baby becomes jealous though, so he causes accidents around the house and blames it on Maggie.

Fan-Tasty Island - Mr. Burns needs to smuggle an illegal substance in from another country, so he offers the Simpsons a trip to the tropical island. They successfully get the substance onto the plane home, but Homer accidentally eats it before they get back to Springfield.


Book description
Is Lisa really drifting helplessly toward bohemianism?

Is Homer really a hitman in a Parallel-Universe Springfield?

Can Marge manage her own day care center without provoking a bloodbath?

Read on...



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