Simpsons Comics On Parade


Released June 1st 1998

Includes Simpsons Comics #24-27

Send In The Clowns - "Campaign USA" comes to Springfield, causing the town to become blocked up with unwanted politicians. No one in Springfield wants them there, but the politicians don't care. In the end, it only takes Marge entering the Kwik-E-Mart to cause the campaign to clear out of town.

Homie Alone - A "L'il Homie" adventure starring young Homer Simpson. Abe goes into town to get some Tabb, so Homer watches television. Upon hearing news an escaped criminal is nearby, he builds a trap. Unfortunately, Homer gets stuck in it and has to wait for Abe to get back.

The Unbearable Lightness of Barney - A short one page story in where Barney and Homer try and get Moe to do something that will help them have great memories of the bar, just like the good old days.

Marge Attacks! - Marge finds that television has become exploitation central - every show she sees is making fun of other people behind their backs. One day, she goes to protest about the shows, and in the process suddenly gets her own timeslot, where she gives household tips. Kent Brockman badmouths her and is immediately fired, so he frames Marge and says she had an affair with Mayor Quimby.

Diner Violations - "A day in the life" of police officers Lou and Eddie, and their times spent in a diner, unnaware of all the crime occuring around them.

Game Called Because of Pain - Another short Itchy and Scratchy story, in where Scratchy is mutilated by Itchy at a baseball game.

Get Off The Bus! - Sideshow Bob is cleaning out the school buses. He finds a seat where he believes Bart sits, so he installs a spring that will fling Bart to his demise if the bus stops too fast. Everyone thinks that it is actually a bomb on the bus, and eventually Otto thinks of a plan to save the students from doom.

They Saved Homer's Brain! - Homer finds an advert for $500 -- the only catch being he has to be a guinea pig for a new pill that is supposed to make people smart. Surprisingly, the pill works, and Lisa feels that there is finally someone who she can share her smartness with. However, she realizes that she'd actually rather have the old Homer back -- for the sake of her family -- so she stops him from having surgery that would make the effects permanent.


Book description
In Simpsons Comic on Parade, campaign fever is heating things up in Springfield, and the Simpsons are embroiled in political mud-slinging, pandering, pundits, and opinion polls. Democracy was never this much fun. Then Marge Simpson is mad as heck, and she's not going to take it anymore! Fed up with tawdry talk shows, she sets out to clean up the airwaves by serving up her own show, baked fresh with wholesome goodness. Next you're on a bus packed with explosives and obnoxious kids. What to do?!? Bartholomew J. Simpson, that's what. And finally, after years of vicious name-calling, Homer Simpson has decided to reconcile with his nemesis--his brain. See Homer change from bovine to Einstein, while all of Springfield reels from the repercussions.

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