Simpsons Comics Extravaganza


Released November 16 1994
Includes Simpsons Comics #1-4 (128 pages)
The Amazing Colossal Homer - Mr. Burns' dreams of being young again ends up causing Homer to terrorize Springfield as he grows hundreds of feet tall.
The Collector - Bart tells us a story about 'the collector', who is played by Homer. He has the world's largest comic collection. One day, he gets locked in his comic vault, and must be saved before he freezes to death.
Cool Hand Bart - Bart and some other school hooligans get sent to Springfield Penitentiary for a special 'scared spitless' program. It's near-death for Bart when he is put in the same cell as Sideshow Bob.
My Sister, My Homewrecker! - Marge recollects the time that she thought that Homer was having an affair with her sister, Selma.
The Perplexing Puzzle of the Springfield Puma - Principal Skinner leaves for a special convention. While he is gone, the students and other staff discover his beloved school mascot, the Springfield Puma, has been stolen.
Krusty, Agent of K.L.O.W.N. - A special story where we see Krusty's very own television pilot, in a show where he is a spy who's secret lover is Miss Pennycandy. This is written by Dan Castellaneta, the voice of Homer Simpson.
It's In The Cards - After a brief accident at the power plant, half of the school teachers have to take sick leave. Bart and Lisa are riddled with substitute teachers. Lisa's teacher thinks she's a troublemaker, while Bart's thinks he is a genius.
The Gnarly Adventures of Busman - We see Otto as Busman (his alter ego/comic book star from "Three Men and a Comic Book), as he battles vampires while trying to get the passengers of his bus safely to their destinations.


Book description
Welcome to the remarkable first four issues of Simpsons Comics, brought to you by the Bongo Comics Group, a small but overachieving band of merry artists, designers, lawyers and publicists. Their work looks effortless, but the Bongo gang has shed several droplets of sweat, a few droplets of blood, and perhaps even a couple of tears of joy in the making of these comics.

Don't worry, however: All Bongo bodily secretions have been wiped off the original art so as not to distract you from your entertainment experience.

As Bart might say, "We're proud of these comics, man." As Lisa might say, "Damn, they're good."

And as Marge might say, "I don't want you sitting up in that tree house all day reading comic books! You'll ruin your eyes!"



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