Fry-ed to the Future


NARRATOR: To bring you up to speed, last time, the Simpson family was trapped in 31st century New New York, while three loyal Planet Express employees found themselves trapped in the Simpson's own fictitial hometown of Springfield. Let's drop in on our good friends Leela, Fry, and Bender, shall we?
ZOOM IN on the SIMPSON'S house.
LEELA: What in the world is happening?
FRY: I don't know, but this real-life Simpsons home smells funky.
LEELA: Fry, I don't think it's "real". When I appeared on the floor, the Simpsons were right here!
BENDER: Woah, so lady, you're saying we've become trapped in Fry's stupid hobby show?
FRY: Hey, quit it!
LEELA: No, Bender's right for once, Fry--(doorbell rings). Hmm...visitors?
HELEN LOVEJOY is seen on the porch.
LEELA opens the door.
HELEN: Why hello Mar--oh, you're not Marge.
LEELA: Yeah...her family had to...go.
HELEN: Oh, well I hope you'll like to come over to Agnes' house with me. I was just on my way...for our book club!
LEELA: Book...club?
HELEN: Yes, it will be fun!
LEELA: Thanks, but I'm not really into boo--Hey! (HELEN yanks her out of the house)
HELEN: Come on dear, you don't want to be late!
FRY: Oh, thanks for ditching us Leela! Oh well, while I wait, I can continue watching my Simpson's DVDs.
FRY pulls a disc out and you can see BART on the label. The camera zooms in and we are back at PLANET EXPRESS.
FARNSWORTH: Oh, my. So what you're telling me is that if you people are here...my employees are in THERE? (points to the TV)
LISA: Yes!
FARNSWORTH: If you wait a minute I can go find my inter-universal device detector device...yes I know, it's a bad name for such a sophisticated...device.
FARNSWORTH goes into a room, you hear crashing, then he comes out with a small box.

FARNSWORTH: (turning it on) This will show me exactly what caused Fry, Leela, and Bender to be transported to your world.
The box lights up when he points it at the remote.
FARNSWORTH: Strange...I'm picking up that the remote control is the cause of all this...it seems the glue Fry used to fix it was old 30th century glue, and it combined with the 31st century particles to creat a time-hole in the telvision set.
HOMER: Hey, we pay good money for those television sets! So of course we expect a time-hole to be in them!
FARNSWORTH: Now, if we can just dispose of the tube of glue, and then get all of you to use the remote...we should be able to transport you back to your time and universe...then we'll find a way to get the other threeback.
AMY and HERMES walk in.
AMY: Hi Professor!
HERMES: Hello Professor Farnsworth!
FARNSWORTH: Ah, Simpsons, meet Hermes Conrad and Amy Wong, two more of my employees.
ZOIDBERG: And what about ME Professor?
FARNSWORTH: Oh you go back to rummaging that trash can!
ZOIDBERG: Fine then! (He goes through the garbage and finds the glue) Hey! Here's the tube of glue Fry used to fix the remote!
BART: Is there still some in there?
ZOIDBERG: Yes, lots of it! (He squeezes the tube, and it goes over everyone.
FARNSWORTH: Oh Zoidberg, get out of here. OK, now there's not enough time to clean this glue up right now, but hurry Simpsons, go back to your time!
HOMER: Oh, all right!
HOMER picks up the remote. BART, LISA, MARGE, and MAGGIE hold onto it. HOMER presses a button, and the TV glows.
OPEN on the SIMPSON'S living room.
FRY: Why didn't I realize the Simpsons wouldn't have a DVD player?
BENDER: Oh well drown out your sorrows and have a beer.
FRY: OK, give me one!
BENDER: Find your own, square.
Suddenly, the TV lights up and not just the SIMPSONS, but also FARNSWORTH, AMY, HERMES, and ZOIDBERG materialize out of it.
AMY: Guh?
FARNSWORTH: Oh no. Thanks to Zoidberg's stupid behaviour with the glue, all of us have been transported back in time!
FRY: Yo everyone. What up?
ZOIDBERG: I'll tell you what's up...nothing.
CUT TO LEELA, looking bored at the book club meeting.
LuANNE VAN HOUTEN: And that's the reason why I liked this book. Agnes? Your turn!
LEELA: Uh...I have to go to the bathroom. May I be excused?
HELEN: Of course you can dear. I know how hard it is myself to fit in after moving to a new town.
LEELA creeps out of the room, then down the hall and out the front door. She races back to the Simpson's house. She opens the door to see FRY, BENDER, AMY, HERMES, FARNSWORTH, ZOIDBERG, LISA, BART, HOMER, MARGE and MAGGIE all standing in the hall.
LEELA: (screams) How in the hey did all you get here?
HERMES: Oh blame the stupid crustacean over there! (points to ZOIDBERG)
ZOIDBERG: Oh yes, blame me! I get blamed for EVERYTHING!
LISA can be seen running into the lounge room, then outside the front door, before coming back in.
LISA: Listen everybody, I've been thinking...it seems that our TV sets have been the cause of everybody travelling here. I realized the remote at Planet Express is bringing people here...but how?
FARNSWORTH: Oh I can answer that! Fry was watching you yellow people on his video discs.
HOMER: What? People have been WATCHING us? (sounds upset)
LEELA: We better not tell them anymore, Professor. It might make them crazy.
FARNSWORTH: Yes indeed. Well...there had to have been a disturbance here as well at the exact same time as ours for you people to appear in our time...
LISA: Yes, the antenna on the roof! Dad fixed it just as Maggie went missing, and Leela appeared on our lounge room floor!
FARNSWORTH: Alright everybody. I've got a plan.

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