Best of the Simpsons #39 Review



The Best of the Simpsons #39
NOTE: This is a reprint of Simpsons Comics #39
"Torn from the pages of last year's headlines - a tragic tale of our dangerously dicey democracy cacophonously crashing towards the scarifying spectre of censorship! It begins with the innocent, ignoarant purchase of a comic book so horrifyingly offensive that it could chill the heart of a futuristic emotionless robot designed merely to wax bowling lanes! It continues with the inconceivable incarceration and pitiless prosecution of the Comic Book Guy and Homer J. Simpson! It ends - no, we shan't tell you how it ends - for this synopsis cannot possibly give an accurate description of the shocking sequence of events contained in the case of The People vs. Homer J. Simpson and the Comic Book Guy. And don't miss the furious fourth instalment of Radioactive Man - the cataclysmic, concussion-causing conclusion will shock you!"
Sense and Censorability
Script: Scott M. Gimple Pencils: Phil Ortiz Inks: Tim Bavington Colours: Nathan Kane Letters: Jeannine Black
Homer has to do a history report with Bart. They purchase 18 issues of Histrionik Comics from the Comic Book Guy. When presenting them in front of the entire town, Homer and Comic Book Guy are immediately arrested for possessing obscene materials. On trial, Lisa and Bart realize the jury isn't Homer's or Comic Book Guy's peers, like stated in the Constitution, so they make the judge replace the jury with comic book nerds, who find them not guilty.
The Heroic Life and Mortifying Death of Radioactive Man 4/4
Script: Bill and Kayre Morrison Pencils: Bill Morrison Inks: Steve Steere, Jr. Colours: Nathan Kane Letters: Chris Ungar
Eczema has imprisoned the Superior Squad, minus the believed to be deceased Radioactive Man and Plasmo the Mystic. She plans to broadcast herself killing the SS to the whole world. Suddenly, Radioactive Man appears and frees his squad, who then defeat Eczema. Suddenly, Plasmo, dressed as Claude Kane III (Radioactive Man's alter-ago) arrives to try and show the world that they are apparantly two different people.
My opinion
This issue is fantastic. Unlike a lot of the newer stories, which are written as if they are aimed at children, this one teaches older readers about obscenity and the workings of the justice system. Everyone is in-character in the story, especially Comic Book Guy. The start is also very funny, with Ms. Krabappel's comment to Bart: "I stopped listening when you called him the Benjster". Overall, great story and great art. Now, WOW, the final part of the Radioactive Man 4 part saga! This one is just as excellent as the previous three parts, and once again the art is magnificent. It's also amazing how they were able to wrap up the story so quickly and smoothly. A great effort from Bongo with this comic. 

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