Best of Bart #5 Review



The Best of Bart Simpson #5

NOTE: This is a reprint of Bart Simpson Comics #5

"In a tale from the Wild, Wild West, maverick government agent Bart Simpson, along with master of disguise Martimus Prince, must put a stop to the world-shattering schemes of Dr. Ralph Braneless. In other stories, Lisa matches wits with Principal Skinner in a Springfield Elementary whodunit, and Bart and Milhouse take the school day off."

Wild, Wild Bart
Gail Simone Pencils: John Costanza Inks: Steve Steere, Jr. Colours: Lee Loughridge Letters: Karen Bates

Dr. Ralph Braneless has stolen all the water, and it's up to Bart and his assistant Martimus to catch him and free the water. Unfortunately, Bart gets captured by Ralph's group. Luckily Martimus is a master of disguise, and so he is able to catch Braneless and free Bart.

The Case of the Hanging Shoes
Terry Delegeane Pencils: Igor Baranko Inks: Igor Baranko Colours: Art Villanueva Letters: Karen Bates

Martin's shoes have been thrown over the power lines, and Nelson is the one who apparantly did it. With a little investigating, Lisa discovers Martin commited the misdeed himself.

Bart Simpson's Day Off
James Bates Pencils: Carolyn Kelly Inks: Scott McRae Colours: Lee Loughridge Letters: Karen Bates

At the bus stop, Bart and Milhouse decide it's too nice a day to go to school. so they skip it and go to the Kwik-E-Mart instead. Superintendent Chalmers' assistant, Leapold, shows up and chases them around town. They arrive at school, but Leapol tells Principal Skinner what they did, and so they get detention.

My opinion

Yawn. That's all I can say. "Wild, Wild Bart" was an incredibly well done story, and the art was pretty decent too. It was just some printing errors that ruined it for me. More on that later. The other two stories were very boring, and were poorly constructed, and the art wasn't too hot either. I would say that "Bart Simpson's Day Off" would be the worst story, because a lot of the plot is disjointed and the art is off model a lot, and even the colour choices in the designs are very bad. We also get treated to a special "Bart's Fun Page" at the end of the comic book. Now, as mentioned above, this book had a few printing errors. A lot of the images have "pixelated" outlines. Basically, the black line and some of the colour surrounding it are just tiny squares that ruin the images, instead of it just being thick, straight, black line. The main error occurs in the "Wild, Wild Bart" story, where one of Bart's speech bubbles have been moved, so it looks like Martin is saying Bart's line, so that panel ends up making no sense whatsoever. Too bad this one didn't come with a free Radioactive Man comic like the original version of this did. It would have made at least half the book enjoyable. Worst Bart Simpson comic. Ever.

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