The Simpson's House Plan


-- The below is the most consistent model of the basement. It looks
     different in "Bart Gets an Elephant" with a really tall ceiling.
     In "Hurricane Neddy" it has an outdoor entrance which was never there
  -- Hot water heater.
  -- Washing/Drying machine with a bin at its side.
  -- Assorted boxes everywhere.
  -- Cracks in the cement wall.
  -- Unpanelled walls and bare crossmembers above head-height.
  -- A pole besides the stairway.
  -- Inconsistent with "Some Enchanted Evening", where Bart climbed a
     cupboard at the bottom of the stairway in attempting to subdue Ms. Botz
     with a bowling ball.
  -- Various props from old episodes appear from time to time, such as
     Homer's Santa Clause suit and Bart's soapbox racer.
  -- Keep in mind, in "Trash of the Titans" the house gets moved without
     the basement, however, the basement in episodes since then looks the

The Ground Level

The Garage

 -- In the Introduction, Homer runs for his life through a exit into the
  -- The automatic door: In the first season this swung open, in the 2nd and
     3rd it winds up.  (An obvious flaw with the "Raiders" sequence in 8F22.)

  -- A power box to the left of the doorway.
  -- A spare tire and shelves appear during the intro.
  -- Homer's workbench occasionally appears.

1st season:
  -- Oil slick
  -- Partition.
  -- Bicycle (probably Homer's).
  -- Black and yellow boxes at the rear of the garage.

2nd season:
  -- The partition has been removed
  -- A rake leaning against the back wall, 2 large boxes, and a tool rack.

When Marge tries to run Homer over during the introduction, the two large
boxes are missing, but when Homer makes his escape through the door the black and yellow boxes from the 1st season are there.

In "Itchy and Scratchy and Marge" a staircase is seen in the garage. This was
another example of artistic license. Maggie just needed to get above Homer
so she could bat him with the mallet. It was just there for that one scene.
The TV Room
-- Has three entrances (the Back door, from the Kitchen and the Living
  -- Painting of a forest/boat behind the couch (in the first/second season

  -- The Couch  (brown in color)
  -- Mouse hole  (Intro)
  -- Side table next to the couch  (Intro)
  -- Lamp besides the couch  (2nd season onwards)
  -- Telephone (red/green/aqua).  Usually Aqua in the latter episodes.
  -- Large rug with a concentric circle pattern.
  -- TV.
  -- Stereo system and bookshelves (underneath the window looking out onto
     the backyard).
  -- Magazine holder near Lamp stand.
The Foyer
 -- The door next to the stairway is usually either a closet, or
     the entrance to the basement. I assume that it is both. Coats can
     be hung in the front, and the basement entrance is around the side.
     In several episodes, such as "The Day the Violence Died" another
     staircase is above the staircase going down to the basement. This
     would be consistent with the above model.
  -- The front door is near the bottom of the stairs.
  -- Several pictures (Baby Bart, one of Marge's ancestors, Bart & Lisa..)
     up the staircase.
  -- Foot mat at top of stairs.
  -- A chandelier
The Living Room
-- Has a couch like the TV room plus a one-seated chair
-- Couch has a sidetable between it and one-seated chair
The Dining Room
-- Three bulb chandelier above table.
  -- light switch near entrance to foyer.
  -- The recessed shelf:
     - Salt and pepper shakers.
     - Crockery.
  -- Chest of drawers and a abstract painting above it.
  -- Mirror near to the exit to kitchen.
The Kitchen
-- A telephone on wall besides the fridge.
  -- The second and third seasons have a green refrigerator, with a painting
     of a house on the door.
  -- A Microwave oven near the exit to the TV room. (Presumably so the
     family can heat up their dinner without having to move too far from the
  -- Color scheme: dark gray ceiling, light gray walls, checkered floor.

Objects and utensils on the kitchen bench tops:
  -- Blender
  -- Spice Rack
  -- Toaster  (single slice)
  -- Spoons in a container
  -- The proverbial coffee machine
  -- Fork rack
  -- Microwave oven
  -- Paper towel dispense
  -- Cornflower/cornstarch canisters
  -- Oven (4 hot plates)  {in the 1st season it was a gas model}
  -- Exhaust hood above the oven
  -- A cork board besides the fridge, often with an abstract portrait of
  -- Dishwasher besides the sink, and dish-rack.
  -- The sink has two tubs.
  -- Cookbook
  -- Curtains with a corn cob pattern

Ornaments in the corner of the room:
  -- Recessed shelves
  -- A corner table with a ceramic chook
  -- Above the table is a three-tiered macramé pot plant holder (& plants)
  -- A clock with a star-shaped face
Rumpus Room and Side Hall
-- The rumpus room has only been seen in a few episodes. It is seen
     in "Three Men and a Comic Book", "Separate Vocations", and "Lady
     Bouvier's Lover". The above diagram is consistent with those
     episodes. In "Radio Bart" it is seen, but looks different (no
     built in cabinets. In "The Canine Mutiny" Laddie flushs a toilet
     where the rumpus room would have been. Since the room hadn't been
     seen in a long time, it is possible it could have been remodeled
     as a bathroom, but most likely it was another example of artistic

  -- Growth chart
  -- Beanbag chairs
  -- plastic table + small portable TV  (with no power cord)
  -- A toy box (Happy little elf & Binky dolls)
  -- tic-tac-toe rug
  -- dart board
  -- Curtains with green blotches on them
Second Floor
Parent's Bedroom
  -- Bin
  -- dressing table
  -- Perfume bottle on the dressing table  (similar to the one in Lisa's
  -- Entrance to the bathroom

Parent's Bathroom
-- Two windows appear from the outside, but not from the inside.
     Perhaps the bathroom was built later on. Occasionally the fake
     windows are used ("Homer the Great", "Bart Carny") but this is
     probably another example of artistic license.
Lisa's Bedroom
 -- Lisa's room normally faces the rear of the house and is usually
    the first door on the left. The window is off-centered to the right.
    This shows that it is not intended to be the room over the dining
    room, as that window is centered. In "Lisa the Simpson" Lisa's room
    switches from the rear to the front (in the same episode). With the
    centered window, her desk had to be moved.
-- The placement of the doors in the hallway can indicate where Bart
    and Lisa's rooms are suppose to be. Lisa's door is to the left (inside)
    and Bart's is to the right. In the hallway there are 2 doors next to
    each other toward the rear of the house which fits.
-- We also know that Bart's room faces the rear of the house, so he can
    leap to his tree house from the window.
-- In "Home Sweet Home-Dum-didily-doodily" a sad Marge and Homer look
    at the kids' empty bedrooms. This would be a good model to follow,
    because there was no reason to rearrange the rooms for that scene.
Bart's Bedroom
  -- Krusty Alarm clock.
  -- Photograph of Krusty at his bedside.
  -- Airplane mobile.
Maggie's Bedroom
-- Curtains with mushrooms on them
-- Decorations of the Happy Little Elves Train and Mushrooms
-- No closet
-- Blue tiles
-- Fish on the wall above the toilet
-- A really dirty rug
East Hallway and Two Small Rooms
--  These two small rooms are speculated. In the Tracey Ullman shorts
      many scenes take place in small, non-descript rooms with minimal
      amounts of furniture. There might just be a table and a picture
      of Marge frowning on the wall. These rooms could also be used as a
      walk- in linen closet or laundry room (if the house didn't have a
  --  The bathroom must be to the rear of the house, as there is no gas
      pipe in the front. The model in "Virtual Springfield" seems as if
      the bathroom is directly behind the door at the end of the hallway.
      Yet if this were the case the bathroom would be huge. Also, from
      the inside, the bathroom doesn't appear at the end of the hall, but
      on a side.
The Attic
-- The attic has never looked the same from episode to episode.
     It is seen in "Brush With Greatness", "The Thing and I",
     "Lisa the Simpson" and "Homer to the Max". In "Brush with
     Greatness" the attic has a full ceiling entrance and windows.
     This really couldn't work since there is nowhere the stairs
     could be situated and no windows from the roof can be seen
     outside. The background artist realizing this, gave the attic
     a ceiling entrance in "The Thing and I". A large window could
     be seen, yet it was probably there to give the scene it's spooky
     atmosphere. In "Homer to the Max" a window from the attic
     appears to the right of the chimney, despite that that side of
     the house has been seen hundreds of times before without the
  -- In the first clip show, the roof got blown off the house, so
     the attic was probably rebuilt.

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