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Flanders' Sightings

7G08 -- "Simpsons Roasting On An Open Fire"
Ned Flanders and his children are introduced in the first episode in the series. Ned upstages Homer when he makes an extravagant display with his Christmas lights.
7F08 -- "Dead Putting Society"
Todd Flanders competes against Bart in a miniature golf tournament. Ned and Homer make a deal that the father of the loser has to mow their lawn in their wife's Sunday dress.
7F13 -- "Homer vs. Lisa and the Eighth Commandment"
Homer gets illegal cable installed at his house after he is told by Ned that he himself was offered the illegal hookup too.
7F20 -- "The War Of The Simpsons"
At the Simpson's party, Homer looks down Maude's dress. Later, Ned and Maude attend the same marriage counselling seminar as Homer and Marge.
7F23 -- "When Flanders Failed"
Ned opens his own store for left-handed people called the Leftorium. Soon, his store has to declare bankruptcy because hardly anyone knows about his store. Homer feels guilty that he didn't help his neighbor in his hour of need, so he calls up a lot of his friends who are left-handed, and Ned's store is saved.
9F20 -- "Marge In Chains"
Maude and Ned feel uncomfortable with Marge in their house after she is caught stealing at the Kwik-E-Mart. They even go as far as watching her through the walls when she goes to the bathroom to make sure that she doesn't steal anything.
1F14 -- "Homer Loves Flanders"
Homer and Ned become best friends, but soon Ned starts to feel annoyed when Homer won't leave him alone. The Flanders' flee from Homer, and finally one day in church Ned yells at Homer for being so annoying.
2F11 -- "Bart's Comet"
Ned us kicked out of his own bomb shelter when a terrifying comet heads straight towards Springfield. The people that kicked him out of the shelter feel guilty, and go looking for him, just as the comet burns up above the town.
2F31 -- "A Star Is Burns"
Ned and his family try and make a film about Bible stories as their entry for the Springfield Film Festival.
2F22 -- "Lemon Of Troy"
The parents of Springfield use Ned's RV when their children wander into Springfield to get their famous town lemon tree back.
3F01 -- "Home Sweet Homediddly-Dum-Doodily
When Marge and Homer are declared unfit parents, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie are taken to a foster home. Their new foster parents are Ned and Maude. When they discover that the Simpson children haven't been baptised, they quickly organize an emergency baptism, but luckily Homer saves his children just in time.
3F10 -- "Team Homer"
Homer and the Pin Pals go up against The Holy Rollers, Ned's bowling team, in the Springfield bowling tournament.
3F22 -- "Summer Of 4 Ft. 2"
Ned lets Homer and his family stay at his summer beach house during the summer break. Ned puts yellow sticky notes all over the holiday homer just in case the Simpsons don't know how to use something. Bart takes money from Rod and Todd's piggy bank, even though they have written "Please don't steal from me" on it.
4F06 -- "Bart After Dark"
Ned and Maude are two of the people that protest after they discover there is a burlesque house in Springfield. Ned later says he is convinced that the house can stay in town, shortly before Marge destroys it.
4F07 -- "Hurricane Neddy"
The Flanders' home is destroyed in a massive hurricane. The people of Springfield try to rebuild his house, but when it falls down, Ned takes his anger out on everyone. He then admits himself to a mental hospital, where a doctor has to try and find the cause behind the giant outburst.
4F18 -- "In Marge We Trust"
Reverend Lovejoy and Ned have to fight homicidal baboons on a train track at the Springfield Zoo.
5F18 -- "Natural Born Kissers"
The Flanders family are the first to discover that there is something blocking the windmill at the miniature golf course. The blockage is Marge and Homer, who are making love.
AABF06 -- "Viva Ned Flanders"
Homer takes Ned on a trip to Las Vegas, to show him how to act a bit "wilder". Ned and Homer accidentally get drunk one night and marry two waitresses at a casino.
AABF20 -- "Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo"
The Flanders' are about to board a plane to Tokyo, but the Simpsons snatch their tickets just as they get to the boarding gate.
BABF10 -- "Alone Again, Natura-Diddly
Ned's beloved wife Maude is tragically killed in an accident one day. Immediately after her funeral, Homer makes a dating tape for Ned so that he can start seeing women again, even though he feels like he isn't ready.
CABF06 -- "Skinner's Sense of Snow"
Ned and Homer set out to try and free the children that are snowed in at Springfield Elementary School.
CABF15 -- "I'm Goin' To Praiseland"
In memoryof his late wife Maude, Ned builds a theme park called Praiseland. A strange appirition appears, which turns out to be a Maude mask mysteriously floating in mid air.
EABF08 -- "A Star Is Born-Again"
Ned starts dating famous move star Sara Sloane. Sara wants him to move to Hollywood, but instead Sara moves to Springfield. She and Ned have sex, but she leaves Ned the next day when he declares he wants her to marry him.
EABF12 -- "Three Gays of the Condo"
Ned spots the place on the giant jigsaw puzzle where a piece is missing, causing Homer to stumble upon a note from Marge declaring she hates him while looking for the missing piece.
FABF05 -- "Diatribe Of A Mad Housewife"
When Marge writes her novel, she uses Flanders as her secret love, because she has portrayed Homer as a jerk.
FABF14 -- "Catch 'Em If You Can"
Homer and Bart are discovered to have stolen Ned's and Rod's credit cards before they went on their cross-country vacation. Ned and Rod scream when their credit card bills come back.
GABF02 -- "Homer and Ned's Hail Mary Pass"
Homer finds Ned in the Church, praying for guidance because no-one is watching his Bible-inspired movies.
GABF15 -- "Home Away From Homer"
Ned lets two young women board at his house. When he discovers they were making pornography in his house, he throws them out. He becomes a laughingstock to the town, and ends up moving away. Homer can't bear his new next door neighbor, so he finds Ned and convinces him to move back to Springfield.
GABF09 -- "The Father, The Son, And The Holy Guest Star"
Ned and Reverend Lovejot try to help Marge in trying to stop Bart and Homer from becoming Catholic.

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