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Welcome to "The Flanders Files", a site dedicated solely to the Flanders family.

Hmm...well whaddya know?
Today I recieved an email from Ivan, telling me that his site is soon going to switch hosts, so he won't be updating The Simpsons Sector (Tripod version) as often now. I might see if I can help with the Tripod version in some way, but remember to visit The Flanders Files!
Posted April 9th 2006
The Flanders Files
Hello. My name is Scott and welcome to The Flanders Files. Ned Flanders is my favorite Simpsons character, and I just had to make a site about him and his family!
Posted April 7th 2006
So, who are the Flanderses?
The Flanders family are:
Ned Flanders
Father of Rod and Todd Flanders. Ned is 60 years old, and has never gone against the Ten Commendments. His beloved wife Maude was killed in a tragic accident during a day out.
Maude Flanders
Maude is married to Ned, and is the mother of Rod and Todd. Unfortunately, Maude passed away after an accident at a speed way.
Rod Flanders
The oldest of the two Flanders children, and the brother of Todd. Rod enjoys praying when he wakes up and when he goes to bed.
Todd Flanders
The youngest of the two children, his big brother is Rod. Todd likes to play miniature golf, and was once in a tournament against Bart Simpson.
Together, the Flanders family has:
Bought a state-of-the-art RV;
Played miniature golf, unaware that a naked Marge and Homer Simpson were making love inside the course windmill;
Adopted the Simpson children when their parents were found to be unfit to live with;
and accidentally befriended Homer Simpson, which turned out to have tragic consequences.


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