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Hi, and welcome to TEAM TRUCK, our site...right here. It is dedicated to imagine smashing our enemies by driving into them with the twenty-tonne vehicles known as trucks.
Another update from the people captivated by crushing Caillan...
The best thing that could possibly happen DID happen today. Well...actually the next best thing to hitting Caillan with a twenty-tonne vehicle....Caillan got suspended! Why? Because the weak piece of fuckchop shit decided to punch two girls in the stomach at school! How fucking weak! I feel so sorry for the two girls (Shez 'n Hef, my thoughts are with you!). Message to Caillan: dick fuck.
Haha I have absolutely no idea who Caillan thinks he is but he came into school on Monday wearing a hat saying "Security" on it. He pretended to be a security guard to some guy (I think there's a little bit of a "relationship" between them (I feel soooo sorry for you Kaelynn!). Oh, and then he called me gay and threw Nicole's biscuits at me. Haha and we had media and we were standing in the doorway of the class waiting to go in and I said to Caillan as a joke "Is this media?" and he shrugged. what a fag!!

So, who deserves a twenty-tonne vehicle to be driven into them (no matter how imaginary it is)??? Hmm...let's see:
Caillan!!! Hahahaha this guy is such (as in Ruthie's words), a FUCKCHOP!! He is, yes totally, SOOOOO cool!! He deserves to be hit by a twenty-tonne vehicle just due to the fact of how big a fuckchop he is!!!

Creating awareness of people who deserve to be hit by a twenty tonne vehicle...

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