Simpsons Comics Barn Burner


Released February 15th 2005
Includes Simpsons Comics #57-61, #63
How The Vest Was Won! - Bart foils a crimewave in Springfield, and is awarded with a bullet-proof vest. Nelson, Jimbo, Dolph, and Kearney, the people behind the crime, want their revenge on Bart, but their plans always backfire. With just Nelson left to bring Bart down, there isn't a second to lose. Just as he corners Bart, a piece of the old monorail track falls to hit him. Bart pushes him out of the way just in time.
A Swingin' Affair - Marge wants to go dancing with Homer, but he refuses, so she goes with Flanders. Homer becomes jealous and follows them. He accidentally breaks the band's instruments, and he and Marge have to flee the dancefloor.
Mayor Me A Little - Mayor Quimby proposes Sunday Blue Laws in Springfield. Homer doesn't want to lose his beer, so he joins the mayoral race. Meanwhile, Lisa  protests the building of a parking lot at the duck pond. The election is a tie, but Homer gives Quimby the term if he repeals the Blue Laws and saves Lisa's duck pond.
Lisa's Historical Dream - Lisa falls asleep while studying, and dreams that she is in downtown Springfield, but with everyone else as a historical figure.
Faking The Band - Homer discovers that boy bands are easy money, so he forms 5 From 'Field with Bart, Nelson, Todd, Ralph, and Roy. Ralph is the only one who can really sing, so they have to admit they're frauds when they are challenged to a sing-off at Springfield Elementary.
The Man With Two Wives - In a card game, Mr. Burns bets Smithers, because he doesn't have any money. Homer wins the round, so Smithers is now his assistant. Unfortunately, both Smithers and Homer get fired. Smithers soon cares about Homer as much as he did for Mr. Burns, but he decides to return to his old boss when Homer melts all his Malibu Stacey dolls.
My Sister, My Sidekick! - Stretchdude (Bart) and Clobber Girl (Lisa) return. They go with Maggie to Professor Frink's lab, when an experiment suddenly goes wrong. Somehow, some of their powers are absorbed into Maggie, who now becomes Bouncy Battle Baby.
The Paper Chase - Bart causes Milhouse to break his ankle, so he has to take over his paper route. Bart finds it boring until he discovers he can change the headlines to suit his own needs. He starts a fake story that a giant moth is threatening Springfield, but it backfires when he isn't allowed to go outside. Frink builds a machine to kill the make-believe moth, and since it won't turn off until it thinks it destroys the insect, Bart and his friends have to try and trick it.
The Bogeyman - Mr. Burns decides to take his passion for golf one step further, by building his own course in the Springfield Nature Preserve. Lisa, and other members of the L'il Chickees, protests against it. Burns suddenly remembers he was once a member of Lisa's environmental group, so he challenges her and Bart to a 'badge-off', where the winner will get to have their way with the preserve.
Groundskeeper Willie's History of Golf - A brief story in which Willie tells us his version of the history of golf.
...If Homer Simpson Invented Golf! - Homer becomes drunk at the golf club's bar, and starts telling people what he would make as the rules of golf if he were the one who invented it.


Book description
Get ready for the dadburndest, rootin'-tootin'-est riot of cotton-pickin' Simpsons comics EVER! First, Bart takes his life in his hands when he rats out the school bullies. Next, Homer squares off against Diamond Joe Quimby when he runs for mayor. And when the kids from Springfield form their own boy band, nobody's eardrums are safe. Then watch the oven mitts come off when Smithers moves in and starts catering to Homer's every need ... leaving Marge out in the cold. And read all about it when Bart makes headlines and learns the true meaning of yellow journalism. Cap it all off with a story of biblical proportions, and you've got one bronco-bustin', banjo-pluckin', cattle-rustlin', moonshinin', hog-tossin', tobacky-spittin', mule kickin', cousin-kissin' collection that'll have you promenadin' across the floor at the next ice-cream social. This big, burstin' barrel o' fun will have you plum-tuckered out from laughter.

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