Simpsons Comics Wing Ding


Released June 18th 1997
Includes Simpsons Comics #19-23 (120 pages)
Don't Cry For Me, Jebediah! - Bart's class must do a report on a famous person. The best report will win a year's supply of Squishees. Upon discovering he has to do a report on Jebediah Springfield, Bart realizes he may as well give up on the grand prize, as everyone already knows everything about Jebediah. However, he comes up with a plan, and tricks the city into believing the statue of their beloved founder is crying real human tears.
The Artist Formerly Known As Bart - One day at the Kwik-E-Mart, Bart realizes that he and superstar Biff Westwood look exactly the same. Soon, he hatches a plan which involves him and Biff switching places for a few days. Bart enjoys the high life at five star hotels and television interviews, and Biff finds living with the Simpsons a nice break from performing. However, Bart and Biff have to switch back again before Biff's next performance.
Stand and Deliverance - After yet another prank at school, Bart and Milhouse are sent to a special forest retreat with Groundskeeper Willie. They find it difficult to hunt for food. One night, Martin discovers Principal Skinner in a nearby cabin, and so he, Bart, and Willie prepare an ambush.
Little Big Mart - Mr. Burns offers to give Apu truckloads of cash if he opens a mega Kwik-E-Mart on a nuclear waste site. At first, Apu's new store is a success, but soon everyone in town comes to dislike it. Apu himself starts turning into a Mr. Burns-esque character, and only his nephew Jamshed can make things right again.
Bart de Triomphe - Bart and Milhouse win a trip to France with Krusty the Clown. However, they don't seem welcome when they discover Krusty's show has been cancelled. Meanwhile, Ugolin and Cesar (from "The Crepes of Wrath"), along with an unknown colleague, plan to frame Bart for alerting the police about their anti-freeze tainted wine. When Bart and Milhouse realize the unknown colleague is Sideshow Bob, Krusty rushes in and saves the day.
Citizen Shame! - From Reverend Lovejoy's collection of "Hellfire Comics", we see a young boy based upon Bart who does everything right, until a bunch of bullies turn him upon "hooliganism".


Book description
In Simpsons Comics Wingding, Groening fans can once again catch up with the latest goings-on in Springfield. First, Bart's bad, but this time he has double the trouble and double the fun, when our spike-haired hero swaps places with his look-alike. Now he's the Artist Formerly Known as Bart, and rock 'n' roll will never be the same. In the next adventure, Willie the Scottish groundskeeper and Bravehearted Bart are training in the woods. Their mission: To "give that silk-wearin' Nancy boy Skinner a drubbin' he'll not soon forget!" Ach! Then superstore mania hits Springfield when Apu and Mr. Burns join forces to build the world's biggest convenience mart! Last, but certainly not least, Bart zooms off on a trip to Paris, but his French vacation gets fried when the Mona Lisa gets stolen and all he gets is the frame!


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