Simpsons Comics Strike Back!


Released November 20th 1996
Includes Simpsons Comics #15-18 (128 pages)
A Trip To Simpsons Mountain - When the television goes out, Grampa tells the family a story about his childhood on Simpsons Mountain. After the story, the Simpsons realize they can survive without TV, so Homer goes to throw it out the window. Suddenly, it turns back on, and the family watches the end of their program.
Kill-Er-Up With Regular - An Itchy and Scratchy story from the "thrashing thirties", where Itchy and Scratchy work at a gas station. When a beautiful cat drops by, Scratchy is smitten, but Itchy ends up going out with her.
Waitresses In The Sky - Patty and Selma are fired from the DMV, so they take up a new career as flight attendants. However, they realize the 'high' life isn't for them, and in a stroke of luck, they are asked to return to the DMV.
Apu's Incredible 96-Hour Shift (Without Having A Break!) - As a special lesson for his nephew Jamshed, Apu shows him the tape from where he had to spend 96 hours in the Kwik-E-Mart (originally chronicled in the episode "Homer and Apu").
What's The Frequency, Simpson? - Bart and Lisa discover that they can rent a television station for a small fee, so they start a network with their friends called SimpTV. SimpTV becomes the hit of Springfield, until Bart and Lisa realize that since they are making television, they haven't had enough time to watch it themselves, so they shut it down once and for all.
The Dame and the Clown - Marge is on the run from Krusty, who wants to marry her. Moe comes to the rescue by buying her a bus ticket. Marge returns safely home to her loving husband, Homer.
Get Fatty - It is found that Springfield is the nation's fattest city, so the president tells Mayor Quimby that if the citizens lose enough weight, he will award them with a new water park. Everyone does well except Homer, but with help from Rainier Wolfcastle (McBain), the town finally gets it's new park.
The Quest For Yaz - Milhouse discovers that Ralph has a rare baseball card; exactly the one that he has been searching for. He steals it, but his conscience gets to him so he returns it. It is then that he discovers the card was a counterfeit in the first place.


Book description
It's another sidesplitting series of adventures as America's most popular cartoon family returns to the big colorful comic pages in this latest addition to the bestselling Simpsons anthologies.

In Simpsons Comics Strike Back, Groening fans are treated to another laugh-fest as they catch up on the latest antics of this irrepressibly irreverent family. First, it's a yuck-filled yarn of yore when Grampa Simpson reminisces about the good old days of the Depression. Then Patty and Selma take to the air as flight attendants, and the friendly skies will never be the same. Next, the network wars have come to town, and the big boys are running scared from the BBC -- the Bart Broadcasting Channel. Then last, but certainly not least, it's an epic brawl as the Presidential Fitness Program dispatches McBain to Springfield to whip the cholesterol-clogged town into shape. Between him and success, however, is hungry Homer Simpson.

When the TV show just isn't enough, fans turn to the comic books to satiate their Simpsons addiction. A veritable bonanza of the characteristic wit that made the series an international hit, this anthology will be a treasured gift for all fans of Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Homer and Marge.



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