Simpsons Comics Simps-o-rama


Released July 3rd 1996
Includes Simpsons Comics #11-14 (128 pages)
Fallen Flanders - After Ned Flanders goes missing on a camping trip, his family fears the worst. During a memorial service for him, Ned walks in alive and well. Bart and Lisa immediately realize something's not right. With help from McBain, they uncover this new Ned is an alien clone, and they have to find a certain spaceship to find the real Ned.
The Kwik-E and the Dead! - It's the 1800's. During a card game at a saloon, Homer wins the sheriff's badge, so that he is now, technically, the sheriff. Later, he has to stand up to Mr. Burns, who shoots Homer. Luckily, he survives thanks to a pie Marge gave him earlier. 
Survival of the Fattest! - The Simpsons, along with the Flanders family, are selected to live in a biosphere for a year. Homer is repulsed at the idea, so his family abandons him. He has a run in with Troy McClure, who teaches him how to care for his family more.
Spare The Rod, Spoil The Grunt! - Principal Skinner recollects his army days for the parents of Springfield. He tells of how he saved his platoon after they were captured by enemy soldiers. His story is interrupted, however, when Bart throws eggs at him.
Give Me Merchandising or Give Me Death! - Bart and Milhouse are rejected after introducing their new comic superhero to a well known comic company. Months later, they walk into the comic book store only to find the company ended up using their character, but they gave it a different name. The problem is, Bart and Milhouse want credit for their creation, but no adult will believe they created the hottest character to ever see print.
Rebel Without A Clutch - Jimbo steals a dirt bike from the school, and causes havoc around Springfield. When he breaks down in Shelbyville, he has to give in to the police so he can go home.
To Heir I$ Homer - One night, Homer lets an old man come over for dinner, because he believes he is homeless. The next day, the family discovers the man has died, adn that he owned Duff Breweries. Because of Homer's good deed, the man left the brewery to him in his will. Homer discovers part of the brewery is owned by Mr. Burns, who will do anything for the rest of it. In the end, it is discovered the old man was only sleeping, so he never died, meaning Homer never got to own the plant at all.
This Nuff's For You - A one page Itchy and Scratchy story in which Itchy finds parts of Scratchy in his beer.
Nostalgia Aint What It Used To Be - Grampa and Jasper cause trouble at a swap meet, where they criticise almost everything that there is for sale.


Book description
The Simpsons -- the quintessential middle American nuclear family -- have become a cultural icon. Beloved by millions of viewers, the Emmy Award-winning series made television history by bringing animation back to prime time, rapidly becoming one of the Fox network's highest-rated shows.

In this collection of comics, faithful followers can catch up on the latest goings-on in Springfield, as the Simpson universe leaps from the screen to the big color comics pages. Ned Flanders, steadfast citizen and devoted father, has gone on a rampage, committing shocking crimes (it's not his fault -- he's been kidnapped by aliens). The Simpsons try out for membership in a biosphere, with catastrophic results. Then it's off to a new adventure as Bart skateboards headlong into the evils of the publishing industry, where he learns all about idea stealing, bad writers and the fleeting interest of editors.



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