Simpsons Comics Spectacular


Released August 2nd 1995

Includes Simpsons Comics #6-9 (128 pages)

Be-Bop-A-Lisa - After a disaster at school talent night, Lisa decides to give up the best thing in her life: the saxophone. She does a recording for the last time as a reminder of happier times, but when her solo gets mixed with Otto's band's tape, she suddenly becomes a music sensation.

The End of El Barto - Bart, aka El Barto, goes on a tagging spree in Springfield. Meanwhile, Snake escapes from prison. Chief Wiggum thinks because the tagging only started after Snake escaped, Snake must be El Barto. Chief Wiggum thinks he's done a job well done when Snake is caught, but Bart quickly sneaks out and paints his tag on Wiggum's car.

The Greatest D'oh! On Earth - The Simpsons - minus Bart - go to the circus. Bart has to stay at home and do chores, but as you'd expect, he sneaks off to the circus. When Homer finds out that Bart is at the circus too, he chases him around the tent, causing havoc everywhere.

Dead To The Last Drop - Rainier Wolfcastle, known as McBain in his movies, holds a charity ball. Suddenly, the mafia runs in with guns. Wolfcastle takes them all down, and then realizes they have green blood. He then discovers that they are aliens.

I Shrink, Therefore I'm Small - Mr. Burns is suffering from indigestion. They shrink Homer down and put him in Burns in hope that he will blast through the blockage. Meanwhile, Bart and Milhouse sneak into the power plant and are also shrunk. Eventually, they too end up inside Mr. Burns.

Jungle Bungle - Edna Krabappel is now the Queen of the Congo. When a hunting tribe goes through her section of the jungle, and tries to kill the purple jaguar, she must come to the rescue; especially when a bunch of savages try to eat the hunters.

The Purple Prose of Springfield - Bart enters Lisa's diary into a publishing competition as a prank. It backfires, however, when Lisa gets a publishing contract. It soon becomes a best seller, until Troy McClure tries to accuse Lisa of plagiarising his own book.

Asleep At The Well - This is a day-in-the-life of Barney Gumble. From the early morning to late night at Moe's bar, Barney unwillingly and unknowingly saves the day numerous times.


Book description
Right this way, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to another tasty all-you-can-eat collection of Simpsonoid comical funnies, written, penciled, inked, and simmered just for you by your favorite demented cartoon chefs at Bongo Comics. We've got a special meaty comic book stew du jour a-bubblin' away on the stove for you this time, full of rich Barty goodness, thick Homerish chunks, and sinewy Lisa-esque fibers. And, by popular request, we've added a scoop or two of spicy Maggie-renos, along with our usual heaping dollops of authentic Snowball II furballs, and, to stretch the meal even further, a jumbo box full of Santa's Little Helper helper.

A Milhouse salad, of course, comes with every meal at no extra charge. Krustyburgers and Sideshow Mel fries also are available, but the extra-bitter Sideshow Bob soup is off the menu -- at least temporarily.

And be sure to save room for dessert! You haven't lived 'til you've tasted a big old gooey bowl of Flanders-style flan, or munched on Ms. Krabappel's famous crabapples, or chewed on a platter full of hot itchy cakes drenched in creamy Scratchy sauce.

And if you clean your plate you get a special surprise! (The surprise being the surprised look on our faces that you actually cleaned your plate!)



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