Simpsons Comics Unchained


Released March 19th 2002
Includes Simpsons Comics #36-42 (176 pages)
The Geek Shall Inherit The Earth - Benjamin, Doug, and Gary are thrown out of college, because they are no longer students there. Homer takes them in, and they live in his garage. They produce a multi-million dollar game. Unfortunately, Homer sells their entire company for a bowl of peanuts (which come for free in bars...)
The Absent-Minded Protestor - Grampa decides that he wants to be noticed for often, so he becomes a new tag artist, calling himself El Grampo. Bart discovers who El Grampo is, so he teams up with Grampa as El Barto. They plan to attack the Springfield 500, by tagging the Duff Blimp. They are shot at by the police, and Grampa is arrested, but is let go when Wiggum realizes he will have to do a lot of paperwork.
Dullards To Donuts - Mr. Burns' scientists create a new type of donut. They become too addictive however, and everyone at the plant gains a lot of weight. Marge campaigns against the donuts, and eventually Mr. Burns decides to replace the fat with a different substance.
Sense and Censorability - As a punishment, Bart must write a history report with Homer. They get their information from some obscene comics, so Homer and Comic Book Guy are arrested. On trial, it looks like they will go to jail. Luckily, Bart realizes that the jury isn't a group of Homer's and CBG's peers, so they are replaced by comic book nerds who make them stand on a ledge holding a sign up all day at a comic convention.
Sideshow Simpsons - Krusty is 'injured' while at the Simpson's. However, it's just a plan so Fat Tony doesn't find him and kill him. He decides to film his special at the Simpson's house too, and uses the family as sidekicks. During the show, his normal sidekicks (Sideshow Mel, Mr. Teeny, etc) show up with Fat Tony. They throw Krusty in a cannon to the applause of the mobsters.
The Incredible Edible Exploits of Lardlad - Lardlad and his girlfriend are startled to find that the donut holes are missing! They go on a search throughout the universe to return the holes to their natural place: in the middle of the dounts.
Bart Simpson and the Krusty Brand Fun Factory - Bart wins a trip to the Krusty Brand Fun Factory. While there, chaos ensues, and a lot of the visitors are almost killed. It is discovered that Sideshow Bob, at the prison next to the factory, has programmed all the factory's equipment to hurt the winners of the tour.
The Day The Nagging Stopped - Bart uses a Professor Frink invention to wish that Marge will stop nagging him. When he returns home, Marge gives him ice cream money. On his way to the ice cream cart, he is suddenly nagges by the people in the street. With the help of Lisa, Bart tries to stop all the nagging in Springfield once and for all.
The Homer Show - Fox discovers tapes of Homer being stupid, so the make a plan to install cameras in Springfield and create a show with nothing but his stupid antics. Everyone except the Simpsons know what's going on, and in the end the pressure of everyone in town following him gets to Homer, who has a nervous breakdown. The ratings then plummet, and the show is cancelled.
Slobberwacky - In the style of Lewis Carrol's verse, this tale shows Bart stumble upon the monster known as the Slobberwacky.


Book description
Attention, citizens! Lock your doors and windows! Run for your lives! The Simpsons are busting out the bindings of their biggest and best book yet, and no one is safe from their maniacal comic madness! See Grampa Simpson embark on a new career as El Grampo, a modern day Zorro for the senior set, whose anarchistic shenanigans start to cramp the similarly-inspired protests of his grandson, Bart Simpson (a.k.a. El Barto). Behold the destructive power of censorship as Homer Simpson and the Comic Book Guy fight for their right to free speech and their very lives. Envison a local celebrity, Krusty the Clown, who comes to dinner and refuses to leave. Witness Mr. Burns' power mad scheme to undermine the economy of Springfield by paying his employees in jelly donuts. Observe a town caught in the thrall of an international media sensation, unable to separate themselves from the television chronicle of the life of one man…Homer Simpson. These stories and many more can barely be contained in the new comic collection…Simpsons Comics Unchained!

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