Simpsons Comics Royale


Released March 6th 2001
Includes Simpsons Comics #50, Lisa Comics #1, Krusty Comics #1-3 (160 pages)
Wall Or Nothing - When Upper Springfield tries to steal Lower Springfield Lake, the Lower Springfieldians build a wall, resulting in a feud. Bart and Milhouse live on separate sides of the wall, so they can't hang out. In an attempt to visit Bart, Milhouse accidentally causes the wall to fall down, reuniting Springfield.
Double Date - Krusty goes out on a date with two women, but Mr. Teeny is the one that wins their hearts. All that happens to Krusty is that he gets taken to hospital.
L'il Goodfellas - Lisa wants to go to a new educational fun centre. When they arrive, she discovers it is a deathtrap, especially after she sees the state of the babies area. She gets Bart to spray paint Itchy and Scratchy, which is copyrighted material, therefore causing the centre to be shut down.
The 1001 Costumes of Bartman - Bart (aka Bartman) decides he needs a costume for every type of emergency. He and Milhouse spend a lot of time making new outfits. He has to wear them all at the same time, however, in case there's an emergency. When there's a fire, he passes out because he can't get to the right costume in time. While he gets better in hospital, Milhouse has to be Bartman.
Inside Bongo Comics - Matt Groening gives us a tour of the Bongo Comics building, and shows us how the comics get made -- right from the modelling using their special Lisa lookalike, to the colouring using the endangered rainforest birds. 
Krusty's 11 - Krusty us starring in a new movie, so he forms an entourage of 11 Springfieldians to join him in Las Vegas. He discovers he isn't playing a big role in the film, and he causes it to get shut down. When he arrives back in Springfield, he is met by an angry mob.
Love Gory - Itchy has married Scratchy's ex-wife, and he plans to kill her. Scratchy wants to kill Itchy however. Whenever Scratchy almost gets Itchy, the mouse suddenly places the deathtrap in the hands of his new wife. Scratchy gets hurt each time while trying to save his ex-love. In the end, Itchy's wife saves him when Scratchy tries to blow Itchy up. Itchy doesn't want to kill his wife anymore, because now they are truly in love.
Krusty's Channelling Tips - Krusty shows us how to get a decent meal in our past lives.
Planet of the Strange-O's - Radioactive Man accidentally gets himself zapped into a different dimension. In the new dimension, there are thousands of Radioactive Man lookalikes, and there's also a Gloria Grand for each of them.
Lisa's Adventures In Wordland - Lisa falls asleep and dreams that she visits Wordland. This story is based upon Alice in Wonderland. She follows Flanders, the postman. In the end, she wakes up after trying to destroy Mr. Burns.


Book description
Fans of The Simpson's, one of the most highly rated and honoured television shows in history, will delight in this festive collection of Simpson's stories, including insightful and humorous commentary from the show's creator, Matt Groening.

All new stories (featuring the whole Simpson family, as well as Itchy & Scratchy, Krusty the Clown, Bartman and Radioactive Man) combined with the old favourites never before collected make this colourful treasury a must for every Simpsons devotee.



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