Simpsons Comics Madness


Released April 2003

Includes Simpsons Comics #43-48 (164 pages)

Journey To The Cellar of the Kwik-E-Mart - Marge and Homer go to parent/teacher evening, leaving Bart, Lisa, Martin and Milhouse at home with Grampa. They sneak to the Kwik-E-Mart and end up in it's cellar, searching for the mysterious 'Brain Freeze Steve'.

Poochie! - Roger Meyer's studio finds lost storyboards and episode ideas for the failed Itchy and Scratchy character, Poochie.

The Prime of Miss Lisa Simpson - Bart has all the teachers deported. Superintendent Chalmers decides to make the smartest kids in each class the new teachers, so Lisa finds herself teaching the 2nd grade. However, it doesn't go as well as planned. Lisa finally finds a way to teach the children properly, but just as she does so the real teachers arrive back in town.

Identity Crisis - Bart (aka Bartman) needs to hide his cape and cowl, so he puts them in a box in the attic. Later, Marge gives the box to Ned Flanders. Homer suddenly rushes out and takes almost everything out of the box. That night, Bart needs his costume but can't find it. Luckily Santa's Little Helper digs it up in the back yard.

Hamburger's Little Helper - In a great stroke of luck, Santa's Little Helper becomes the new mascto for Krustyburger. His agent, Nigel, makes up a false advertisement which shows Santa's Little Helper declaring he wants to divorce the Simpsons. After the divorce is official, Santa's Little Helper goes back to the family anyway, due to barfing a Krustyburger.

Destroy All Manga! - A cartoonist spills ink everywhere, and amazingly, somehow all his cartoon creations come to life, causing havoc throughout the house. Luckily, Mr. Sparkle, the Japanese detergent product, comes to the rescue.

Angels With Yellow Faces - Sideshow Bob is released from prison, and starts his own school of crime. He lets Bart join, so he can kill him, but Bart becomes his best student, so he decides not to. When they plan to kidnap Mr. Burns, the police suddenly arrive. Bob believes Bart snitched on him, and tries to kill him. Bart saves himself by giving Bob an electric shock.

The Rise and Fall of Bartholomew J. Simpson - In the future, we see Bart in hospital, needing a new colon. He mutters "fish logs" before he goes to have an operation, which leads Lisa on a journey around Springfield, where she discovers something that happened when Bart was 10, and Lisa herself was at saxophone camp.

Where Has All The Flour Gone? - Ms. Krabappel gives each of her students a sack of flour. They have to care for it as if it were a child. Bart accidentally leaves his sack of flour on a swing overnight, and in the morning he has to make a deal with Jimbo to get it back.

Tic Tac D'oh! - Homer wants to go on a game show, but when they arrive at the studio, they walk into the wrong recording room, causing Homer to be on a dating show instead. He is allowed to not go on his date if he competes in another show, one where he can get killed.

Cockamamie's Cult-Alog - John, the gay man from Cockamamie's, presents special products at reduced Millenium prices.


Book description
The master of mayhem, Matt Groening, will drive you berserk with this crazy collection of crackpot comics. Find out what bizarre secrets lie in the bowels of the Kwik-E-Mart, but beware the effects of the Squishie brain freeze. Witness the outrageous events that take place when Bart manages to have all the teachers deported at Springfield Elementary and they are replaced by substitutes - Lisa and Martin. Watch Krusty the Clown turn the town upside-down with his new Krustyburger spokesman. See Bart go from zany to brainy as he attempts to outwit, outlast and outlive both the dramatic return of his arch-nemesis Sideshow Bob and a near-fatal fling into the future. Then, it is Homer's turn to put his life on the line in the most dangerous game show ever invented. Simpsons Comics Madness will have you bouncing off the walls with insane fits of laughter.

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