Simpsons Comics Big Bonanza


Released February 1st 1999

Includes Simpsons Comics #28-31 (120 pages)

Krustonia - Krusty wants to get out of paying taxes yet another time, so he forms his own country. Some Springfield residents, including the Simpsons, join the citizenry of the new country, Krustonia. However, everything turns for the worst, especially when they find out they've been eating tadpoles.

Flanders' Big Score - When someone steals the money out of the Church collection plate, Ned Flanders is on the case. He discovers Reverend Lovejoy, while hypnotised, had been taking the money to use at a nearby casino.

Let's Get Ready To Bumble! - A famous wrestler decides to retire, so Homer, who looks almost like him in his costume, becomes his replacement. Marge, the kids, plus his barmates won't believe that he's a famous wrestler, until during a fight the name tag on his underwear becomes exposed. Later in the fight, Homer is seriously injured, causing his fame and fortune to shatter in front of his very eyes.

Bringing Down Baby - The Simpsons go to the park one day. Maggie sees her enemy, Gerald the monobrowed baby. Nelson suddenly gives Gerald a bunch of balloons, which causes him to float up into the sky. Maggie and Gerald have to put their differences aside for him to be saved.

Smitherses! - Mr. Burns decides the power plant isn't active enough, so he replaces all his current staff with clones of Smithers. Everything's fine until the clones get jealous of each other and take Mr. Burns hostage, in hope of cloning him. Bart sneaks into the plant, but gets locked up by the clones. All the former employees have to work together in saving Bart and Mr. Burns.

Bore Us - The Movie - Gruel - Bart and Milhouse go to see the new Space Mutants movie, but it is replaced by Gladys the Groovy Mule at the last minute. They sit through the movie, adding their own creative commentary.

Radioactive Homer - After suffering amnesia at a costume party, Homer thinks he is Radioactive Man. The police find him wandering the streets, so they take him to the mental hospital. Marge gets a job at the power plant to save up money to get Homer out. Project Q (from Simpsons #1) suddenly breaks lose and takes Marge hostage. Meanwhile, Homer escapes the hospital and heads to the power plant, where he saves Marge. He bumps his head again, and suddenly remembers who he really is.

Bongo Comics Convention Survival Guide - A two page spread with special opinions on what to and what not to do at a comic convention.


Book description
In this new compilation, the Simpsons travel to the land of Krustonia, Homer Simpson vies for the Springfield wrestling championship, Mr. Burns clones a plant full of Smitherses, and Homer contracts amnesia and thinks he is Radioactive Man. This is the eighth book in our comic book compilation series by Matt Groening. Here's a look at the Simpsons' latest antics: 
Come to the land ruled by the funniest man ever to secede from the United States for tax purposes: Krusty the Clown! See a page torn from our nation's history and a new chapter taped in neatly so the pages don't stick together! Let's get ready to Ruuuuuuuuuumble! Prepare yourself for a battle royale with cheese as Homer J. throws his fat into the ring in a quest to become the wrasslin' champeen of all Springfield! Montgomery Burns has fired every one of his employees and has replaced them with clones of Waylon Smithers! Yet, it isn't long before these Smitherses are at each others throats, throwing the plant into chaos as each vies to be the object of Burns' affections! Can the one, true Smithers save the plant before it's torn apart by his neatly dressed, gene-spliced brethren? Homer Simpson IS Radioactive Man! At least, that's what he thinks after contracting a nasty case of amnesia en route to a costume party. This fusion delusion leads to confusion and forced seclusion in Springfield's foremost mental institution!



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